Our Mission

  • Introduction and Mission

    The M. Jerry Weiss Center for Children's and Young adult Literature, the Northeast's premier review center, offers a unique literature collection that encourages the exploration of children's and young adult literature and illustrations.  The M. Jerry Weiss Center strives to:

    • promote the use of quality, authentic literature in the home and classroom;
    • introduce pre-service teachers to the importance of literature in the curriculum;
    • serve as a resource for teachers, media specialists, students, and parents seeking innovative ways to encourage children and young adults to explore quality literature; and
    • create partnerships with and disseminate information to NJCU's community at-large, including school districts and parents.


    Previous Guest Lecturers

    The M. Jerry Weiss Center Lecture Series has hosted luminaries and laureates with expertise in children's and young adult literature.  Some prominent guest lecturers are noted below.

    T. A. Barron                             Laura Godwin                 Walter Dean Myers                Sergio Troncoso
    Tonya Bolden                           Carlos Hernadez              Richie Narvaez                      Neela Vaswani
    Sarah Cortez                             Betsy Lewin                     Daniel Nayeri                        Eric Velasquez
    Pat Cummings                           Ted Lewin                        James Ransome                     Thomas Chatterton Williams
    Mohieddine El labbad              C. Alexander London       Laura Vaccaro Seeger            Mike Wimmer 
     Paul Fleischman                      William Low                    Alex Simmons                        Lisa K. Winkler
    Gayle Forman                           Peter Maloney                  Todd Strasser                         Jacqueline Woodson
    Gregory Galloway                    Leonard S. Marcus           Mark Teague                          Felicia Zekauskas
    Mel Glenn                                 Christopher Myers           Yvonne Thorton