The M.M. in Composition students will develop writing skills and techniques in a variety of styles and musical forms so that they can organize their thematic ideas into original compositions and arrangements. For students interested in electronic music, the well-equipped studios in the MDT Department will provide an excellent opportunity to explore in depth this vital aspect of music, using the latest computer technology. Students interested in composing for film, dance, or theatre will be encouraged to form interactive relationships with students majoring in those disciplines. Candidates are required to submit a Statement of Goals, a Resume, and a Portfolio that should demonstrate the student’s skills in music composition.


The candidate for the Master of Music in Composition is required to submit the following documentation:

Statement of Goals: The Statement of Goals should include the student’s special interests within the discipline and expectations for the program.
Resume: A resume should include the student’s academic record and a list of professional activities.
Portfolio: The composition portfolio should demonstrate the student’s skills in music composition.

Candidates are required to submit a portfolio of several original compositions, which may include at least one work in each of the following categories:

  • A composition for a large ensemble (orchestra, symphonic band, or chorus) 
  • A composition for a small ensemble (vocal with keyboard or instrumental accompaniment, a cappella choir, or a chamber ensemble)
  • A composition for a solo instrument or voice (with or without accompaniment)

At least three of the compositions submitted must be of sufficient duration to demonstrate skill in handling a fully developed structure.

Preferably, two copies of a CD/MP3/.wav recording of at least one of the substantial compositions should accompany the submission.

All compositions that use (a) graphic or non-standard notation or (b) aleatoric elements or (c) taped/electronic sounds, must be accompanied by CD recordings.

All students entering the Master in Music in Composition are required to take placement examinations in Harmony, Counterpoint, Aural Skills and Music History prior to the first semester of graduate study. The purpose of these examinations is to determine potential weaknesses in undergraduate preparation. Depending on the examinations results, students may be required to take one or more remedial courses.



Dr. Amparo Fabra - Area Coordinator of the Composition Program, computer music, theory, ear training, history.
Amparo Fabra Crespo is a composer whose music combines elements from traditional counterpoint, non-tonal harmonies, and new electroacoustic techniques. Her research specializes in Contemporary and Experimental Music.
She received degrees in Piano, Musicology, and Composition from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia, Spain. She also holds a Master in Music Composition from The Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, New York, and a Ph.D. in Music Composition from The Graduate Center, The City University of New York.
Currently, Amparo is an Assistant Professor at the Caroline L. Guarini Department of Music, Dance and Theatre in New Jersey City University.



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