Helpful information

Helpful information


The president has designated a group of senior University staff members to be responsible for determining if classes will be cancelled, delayed or postponed or some services suspended due to various types of emergencies, including inclement weather and natural and man made disasters. A determination is made with the consideration for the safety and welfare of students, faculty and staff. Some University services and functions must remain in operation regardless of conditions, e.g. university housing, public safety, power plant operations, food services, etc.

A. Weather Related

When potentially dangerous conditions develop or are predicted (e.g., either two inches of snow, freezing rain, etc.) the University Weather Watch group will begin to monitor weather conditions. All members of the group are expected to monitor weather reports and to be ready to offer consultation advice to the group leader.

When inclement weather conditions occur at night the Shift Commander of the Public Safety Department will, in consultation with the Department of Facilities and Construction Management, begin to assess campus conditions. The Public Safety Department will also determine, if possible, the status of other educational institutions in Jersey City, as well as primary, secondary and tertiary road conditions.

The decision to cancel classes and/or to delay opening is based on a number of factors, including the time and nature of the storm, road conditions and conditions on campus. The decision and announcement will be made as early as practical.

B. University Community Notification Process

If it becomes necessary to cancel classes and/or work or to delay opening, it is strongly encouraged that you listen to the radio and/or television. An announcement will be made on the following radio and television stations:

  • 1010 Wins

    • 6 minutes after the hour - New York, Westchester, Connecticut (Radio)
    • 33 minutes after the hour - New Jersey
    • 48 minutes after the hour - Long Island
  • NJ 101.5

    • Every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour, Radio)
  • 97.3 (Southern New Jersey, an affiliate of NJ 101.5)

  • News 12 New Jersey (Cable Television)

In addition:

  • A taped telephone announcement will also be available from the University at 201-200-2000.

  • School closings information will also be available at

  • Updated information will be available at

  • The University phone chain will be implemented immediately after a decision is reached.

You can also expect a telephone call from your administrator advising you of the University's status. You are expected to institute a "telephone call chain" within your respective areas immediately. You must provide each member of your staff with a telephone chain containing updated telephone numbers. Needless to say, these numbers need to be available both at home and on campus. Staff members should be reminded that they must call the next person in the chain and that they must continue to call the next person in the chain until they make actual contact with a staff member.

(Messages cannot be simply left on answering machines as this breaks the chain). Please do not contact members of the Weather Watch Group directly.

It is also critical that you contact any non-university personnel who may have events or meetings scheduled on campus if your department coordinates such activities. You are encouraged to develop internal contingency plans regarding extra-curricular and athletics events during winter weather season.

Your personal decision to drive during inclement weather depends upon a number of factors. Government Officials encourage those who must report to work, to use public transportation during periods of inclement weather. Should it become necessary for you to leave your vehicle on campus during a weather emergency, please contact the Public Safety Department. Vehicles left randomly throughout the parking areas severely hamper snow removal operations and create hazards.