NPTNJ Policies & Student Responsibilities

NPTNJ Policies & Student Responsibilities

Attendance is mandatory. Teacher candidates are expected to attend all sessions and participate actively in discussions. They are expected to arrive on time and remain in class until the end of the session. Only one excused absence (illness, religious observance, or emergency) is permitted and the instructor must be notified by email. Class content is the responsibility of the teacher candidate. Participation is essential and the instructor reserves the right to assess class participation in determining the final grade.

During the course of a student's academic career, it is anticipated that written work in the form of reports, term papers and research projects will be assigned by the faculty as part of course requirements. Students must comply with the policies of New Jersey City University.

Grievance Procedure: Students who need assistance with problems should follow these steps in the grievance process:

  1. Meet with instructor or appropriate community college liaison as appropriate.
  2. If resolution does not occur, submit in writing to the NPTNJ Executive Committee, a statement of the problem, what solutions were recommended and what actions are being requested.
  3. The Executive Committee will determine the appropriate solution, and if necessary include the appropriate administrators at NJCU for assistance.

The NPTNJ Program reserves the right to administratively withdraw and deny registration to any student who fails to comply with institutional policies and regulations.

Student records and release of personal information are to be shared between NJCU, the Community college, NJ DOE and relevant organizations that directly affect the integrity of the NPTNJ Program with signed consent from the student.

Upon completion of the program Credit and Non-Credit will receive a Standard Certificate, Credit students will also have an official transcript. Credit students can obtain their official transcripts by contacting the Office of the Registrar at New Jersey City University at (201)200-3334. Non-credit students will not have an official transcript.