1098-T Information

1098-T Information

New Jersey City University is required to furnish a 1098-T to all students that incurred qualified tuition and related expenses during the current tax year. The 1098-T is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form provided to students who enroll in classes at New Jersey City University. It is used to assist students and families in determining if they are eligible to claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit (formerly known as the Hope Scholarship) and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.  New Jersey City University is required to produce the 1098-T by IRS regulations for those students with a valid social security number. The 1098-T is provided each year on or before January 31. 

New Jersey City University has partnered with Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI) to provide you with your 1098-T Tax Form. The 1098-T Tax Form will be distributed on or before January 31st. Students who have opted to receive their statements electronically will receive a notification from ECSI with instructions on how to access the statement online. All other students will receive a printed statement delivered via Postal Mail.

The data reported on the 1098-T is based on the tax year, not the academic year. Your 1098-T statement will reflect tuition & fees charges (Box 2), scholarships, and grants (Box 5) based on the date it was posted to your account.  Payment information is not included on a 1098T.

Information on how to view and print your 1098-T Form:

Your 1098-T for the 2017 tax year is now available to view and print online through the University’s third party provider, ECSI. Please follow the step-by step instructions listed below:  

Please click here to access the ECSI website.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Click on School Name (in grey) and type:  New Jersey City University

2. Select New Jersey City University from the drop down list of school names

3. Click: Submit

4. You will then need to verify your identity by filling in the form: First Name, Last Name, SSN and Zip Code (Please note this information will need to match your school records)

5. Verify that you are not a robot: check the box and click Continue to proceed with the verification process

6. Once you have been verified, you will enter the Tax Document section of the site.  Click on the + symbol next to Status: Delivered on the 1098-T Statement line to view your information and/or print your tax form.


1098-T and Social Security Numbers:  Per IRS guidelines, New Jersey City University will request that students provide their Social Security Number (SSN) for reporting purposes.  Having an accurate SSN on tax forms is in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 6109 and supports the tax deduction that a student or family may claim for qualified educational expenses on both federal and state income tax returns.  Failure to provide New Jersey City University with an SSN may result in being fined by

the IRS in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 6721

What if the SSN on my tax form is incorrect?

If your 1098-T form reflects an incorrect SSN please complete the following W-9s form and submit it in one of the following ways:

By mail:

New Jersey City University
Office of Student Accounts, Hepburn Hall, Room 106
2039 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305

In Person: Office of Student Accounts, Hepburn Hall, Room 106.
Office Hours: Monday & Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

By Fax: (201)200-2049
Email: Bursar@njcu.edu

After the form has been received New Jersey City University will update your records and notify you of the status.