How do I make an appointment?
To schedule tutoring sessions, you need to make an appointment on the Writing Center’s online appointment schedule. Step-by-step instructions can be found under our “Appointments” tab.

How many appointments can I have per day or week?
You may have three appointments per week, but no more than one appointment per day.

Will I be able to discuss my entire paper with a tutor in one session?
It’s usually not possible to cover everything you might want to discuss with a tutor in a single, 45-minute tutoring session. We encourage you to make more than one appointment to be able to cover as much of your writing assignment as possible. Multiple appointments are especially necessary when you have a lengthy assignment such as a research paper.

How soon should I schedule an appointment once I receive a writing assignment from my professor?
You can come in at any point of receiving your writing assignment -- even at the earliest stages of your assignment when you have little or no writing completed. Your session can be used for brainstorming or freewriting your thesis or other parts of the assignment. After such an appointment, you’ll have a starting point to be able to develop a first draft. You can also schedule more tutoring appointments as needed and eventually move toward completion of your work. We strongly urge you to allow yourself enough time to complete your writing assignments and schedule appointments in advance. Waiting to schedule an appointment close to your assignment due date is not a good idea because you may not be able to get an appointment. Please note that appointments are usually harder to get during the middle and end of the semester when most major writing assignments are due for many courses.

Can I schedule more than one appointment at a time?
Yes. In fact, we encourage you to make more than one appointment at a time so you can continue working with tutors on your long-term writing proficiency and have appointments when you need them; however, we suggest that you schedule appointments with at least one day in between them. This way, you can process and apply what you learn after your tutoring session before you have another tutoring session.

How long is a session?
A session usually lasts about 45 minutes and starts at the beginning of the scheduled hour.

Appointments are scheduled in hour-long increments on the online schedule, so why can’t I meet with a tutor for a full hour? Sessions are scheduled in hour-long increments in order to provide tutors enough time to write their session reports (required for every tutoring appointment) and take a five minute break to refresh themselves before their next tutoring session.

Will I be able to have my full 45 minute session if I arrive late?
If you arrive within five minutes of your appointment time, you’ll probably still be able to have a 45-minute session or nearly a 45-minute session. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will probably still have enough time to have a productive session. If you are 10-15 minutes late, you run the risk of having a short appointment. Tutors need to prepare for their next appointment and will not be able to spend extra time with you.

Will I lose my appointment if I arrive more than 15 minutes late?
If you are more than 15 minutes late and have not called ahead to say that you will be late, your tutor will designate you as a “no show.” If you receive two no shows, you will not be able to schedule more appointments for the rest of the semester. If you call ahead to say you’ll be late, then your tutor will meet with you when you arrive. The length of your session will be determined by how much time is left after you arrive. (Please see the response to the previous question above.) If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for two consecutive sessions, your tutor will warn you that we can no longer accommodate your late arrivals for future appointments. (Many students are in need of tutoring appointments, so it is not fair to reserve tutoring appointment spaces for perpetual latecomers.)

Do I have to make a reservation? Can’t I just walk in for a session? Yes, you must make a reservation so that we can maintain accurate records of all our appointments. You may come to the Writing Center to see if an appointment is available. If an appointment happens to be available, you will be able to create a reservation easily by using one of the many computers in our tutoring space. If one of our staff members is not busy when you arrive, s/he will be able to make the reservation for you as long as an appointment happens to be available.

What should I do if I can’t make my scheduled appointment?
You should delete your appointment from the online schedule. To do this, you will need to go to the online schedule and select your appointment. After the full appointment box pops up, please select the “Cancel this Appointment” button at the bottom of the box. If you are unable to access the online schedule to delete your appointment, you should call the Writing Center at (201) 200-2144 and let one of our staff members know to cancel your appointment.

What do I need to bring to my session?
You are not required to bring anything with you, but it would be helpful for you to bring a recent sample of your writing so your tutor can get a sense of your writing. If you are at the beginning stages of an assignment and have nothing written down, your tutor may ask you to do some freewriting to get a writing sample for you and/or help you get started with your work.

Why won’t a tutor proofread or edit my paper?
We are committed to helping you help yourself in improving your writing. (Please see our mission statement for further clarification of our tutoring practices.) Therefore, we will not do your work for you. Furthermore, NJCU has a strict plagiarism policy that prohibits students taking work from others and calling it their own.

May I drop off my paper to be proofread and pick it up at a later time?
Again, we do not proofread or edit papers. (Please see the response to the previous question above.) We want to help you help yourself in improving your own work. Our tutoring sessions are meant to be collaborative exchanges -- we expect you to take an active part in your tutoring sessions!

Will my tutor be able to provide me proof of my tutoring session that I can submit to my professor? Yes. Please ask your tutor to give you a session attendance form that you can give to your professor. If your professor has given you a form to have filled out by your tutor, we can sign that instead.

How do I to become a Peer Tutor?

For more information on how to become a tutor, please click here.