Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Our office staff is available to speak with NJCU faculty and staff about students with disabilities, reasonable accommodations, etc. We appreciate the support and consideration faculty and staff have shown to students registered with the Office of Specialized Services and Supplemental Instruction.

Please consider adding the following statement to your syllabus:

"If you are a student with a disability and wish to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, please register with the Office of Specialized Services and Supplemental Instruction (OSS/SI). To begin this process, complete the registration form available on the OSS/SI website at http://www.njcu.edu/oss (listed under Student Resources-Forms). Contact the OSS/SI at 201-200-2091 or visit the office in Karnoutsos Hall, Room 102 for additional information."

We request that all faculty and staff read "Strategies for Serving Students with Disabilities" and " Understanding Students with Disabilities" at NJCU. We strongly suggest that all faculty review our office policy on testing and peer note-taking accommodations. Please feel free to contact Jennifer Aitken, Director, or Jazmin Zegarra, Coordinator, if you have any questions about serving students with disabilities. If you would like to learn more, see Additional Resources.