Routing Procedures

Routing Procedures

New Jersey City University requires that all faculty and staff members planning to compete for external funds submit a Routing Form in timely fashion before a proposal or application is submitted. The purpose of the routing form is to ensure that relevant parties review proposals to determine the level of time commitment proposed, examine budget issues such as level of matching funds or indirect cost recovery, and whether the activities proposed are in line with the overall strategic vision of the University.

Since the review and approval process can be time consuming, we require that Principal Investigators (PI) and Project Directors (PD) complete the routing form, obtain signatures from their department chair and/or dean, and submit a routing package to OGSP at least 10 working days prior to the submission deadline.

The routing package includes:

All applications for external funds need the approval of the Department Chair, Dean/Unit Head, OGSP Director, Controller’s Office, appropriate Vice President, and the Provost's Office. OGSP is required to have a fully completed and signed routing form in hand before submitting a grant application.