Peers Educating Peers

Peers Educating Peers


The Peers Educating Peers Program at New Jersey City University is a student group that provides interactive prevention programming to the campus and Hudson County communities on a variety of social, health and mental health issues such as substance abuse, sexually transmitted infections, domestic violence, emotional well-being, and conflict mediation.

The premise of the PEP program is that people are more likely to hear a message if the messenger is a peer who has similar concerns and pressures.  Through presentations and information tables, PEP seeks to shift perspectives, challenge social norms, and prevent high-risk behaviors among urban youth.  However, at the same time, our Peer Educators benefit from the program themselves by receiving mentoring, support and skill development that helps students achieve academic success and career success beyond graduation.

Students who join PEP have the opportunity to:

  • develop a variety of professional and interpersonal skills 

  • find personal and academic support and a "home away from home"on campus 

  • travel to and present at conferences and meet people from all over the country 

  • participate in personal growth groups and retreats 

  • start building a resume BEFORE graduation



Gilligan Student Union - Room 327 
Phone: (201) 200-3166
Fax: (201) 200-2558

JOIN US during the Fall and Spring semesters on Wednesdays from 3 - 5 pm in GSU Room 312

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Want to become a Peer Educator with NJCU's PEP program?  To become one of the Peppers, you will need the following:

  • You need to be interested in learning about health, mental health and social issues, and be willing to present that information to other NJCU students and the Hudson County community.
  • You need to be open to participating in personal growth, interpersonal and professional skill development, and group development activities.
  • You need to click here to fill out an online application
  • You need to contact us at 201-200-3166 or stop by GSUB 327 to set up an appointment for an interview with the PEP staff.