Ethics Minor

Ethics Minor

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Minor in Ethics


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Sabine Roehr, Chair
Karnoutsos Hall, Room 606
Tel: 201-200-3495/3020

Annamarie Scrazati, Secretary
Karnoutsos Hall, Room 606
Tel: 201-200-3204


A Minor in Ethics offers students the opportunity to complement their academic major with the study of ethical theories and their application in diverse areas of human endeavor. It is an interdisciplinary course of study that draws upon faculty and courses from many departments. While the Philosophy \& Religion Department provides the theoretical foundations of the study of ethics and some of its applications, such as in environmental ethics or bioethics, courses from participating departments add a variety of application areas. It is the aim of the program to prepare students from all possible disciplines for their professional lives, not only enabling them to deal with ethical questions and challenges in a reflective and theoretically grounded manner, but also to provide some of the tools needed to participate in professional ethics bodies.

Note that no more than one General Education courses can be selected for the requirements of the Minor.


Required Courses

Take 3 credits.

PHIL 207 Ethics 3

Restricted Electives

Take 3 credits. 

PHIL 125 Ethics in Everyday Life 3
WGST 110  Diversity & Difference 3


Take 12 credits. 

PHIL 112 Bioethics and Technology 3
PHIL 113 Environmental Ethics 3
SECU 224 Ethics in Professional Security Studies 3
PHIL 230 Philosophy of Law 3
PHIL 231 Philosophy of War and Peace 3
PHIL 244 Political & Social Philosophy 3
POLI 105  History of Political Thought 3
PHIL 245 Social Justice 3
PHIL 246 Food, Phiosophy, and Global Health 3
BUSI 321  Ethics, Responsibility and Global Issues  3
SOCI 336  Professional and Ethical Responsibilities for Substance Abuse Counselors  3
SECU 340 Ethical Hacking 3
SOCI 341  Law and Social Values  3
NURS 406  Healthcare Law and Ethics  2
ACCT 510  Business Ethics  3
BUSI 612  Behavioral Issues and Ethics in Management  3
ACCT 770  Ethical and Professional Standards for Investment Management  3