Minor in Philosophy & Religion

Minor in Philosophy & Religion


Minor in Philosophy & Religion


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Sabine Roehr, Chair
Karnoutsos Hall, Room 606
Email: sroehr@njcu.edu
Tel: 201-200-3495/3020

Annamarie Scrazati, Secretary
Karnoutsos Hall, Room 606
Email: ascrazati@njcu.edu
Tel: 201-200-3204

Minor in Philosophy & Religion

The minor program in philosophy and religion is designed for students who wish to experience the educational enrichment offered by these disciplines. Philosophy alone, or philosophy combined with religion, may be studied in sufficient depth to enable students to grasp central issues, as well as to confront their own self-awareness in terms of these issues. The minor program is largely unstructured to allow students to shape their courses of study to their own interests and needs.

Required Courses

Take 9 credits

PHIL 102 Critical Thinking 3 credits
PHIL 125 Ethics in Everday Life 3 credits
PHIL 140 The Examined Life 3 credits



Take 9 more credits. Find the list of courses here. Note the following restrictions:

1 6 credits (2 course) must be 200-400 level courses.