Enhancing Student Success

Enhancing Student Success

As a public institution in diverse and growing Jersey City, NJCU provides an education accessible to talented students from diverse backgrounds and heritage. Approximately 80 percent of NJCU students rely on financial aid to cover their expenses and the University continues its tradition of welcoming students who are the first in their families to attend college. However, NJCU faces growing challenges in sustaining its tradition of opportunity and access. Economic conditions have placed even greater stress 

on the families and communities the University serves, driving increases in the number of financial aid applicants and thus the need for support. Thus, philanthropic support for scholarships is critical. As tuition continues to rise across colleges and universities, NJCU is proud to remain the university with one of the lowest tuitions in the state of New Jersey. NJCU ranks second in the state for serving students in need and students graduate with the lowest debt burden among all public colleges and universities in New Jersey.

And yet, NJCU’s current levels of scholarship funding are simply not enough to support the growing need at the undergraduate level. Fellowships for graduate students are also essential as the University seeks to attract and retain students who will become experts in their fields in the academy and in industry. 

To ensure that students are well prepared for their chosen careers, the University strives to create outstanding and ongoing learning initiatives. For example, cross-disciplinary study allows science students to appreciate the influence of art and history, and musicians and dancers will learn how to incorporate physicists’ insights concerning sound and movement. NJCU’s commitment to student success will build on the work already underway in the region’s public schools to create a more rigorous track for those in the educational pipeline.

Better prepared admitted students will benefit from enhanced learning communities and greater engagement with faculty advisors and mentors as they choose majors, pursue internships, and take capstone courses. In fact, NJCU’s Honors Program ensures that top students are challenged through experiential learning with like-minded peers. 

Through the Advancing Knowledge campaign, NJCU will help promising undergraduate and graduate students afford a high-quality education through such initiatives as our Debt-Free Promise Program, and will provide a greater number of students with access to life-changing academic experiences. Critical funding will enable NJCU to offer an even more robust co-curricular program, better living and learning facilities, and vibrant study abroad programs. With help from alumni and friends, the University will bolster its position to attract and assist more students—and to continue to provide the resources to enable NJCU students to succeed. 


$5 million

Honors program support

$2.5 million

Study abroad

$2.5 million


$10 million