School of Business

School of Business

Situated in the financial capital of New Jersey, Jersey City is home to Wall Street’s back office operations, as well as a number of growing global enterprises. Recognizing the potential inherent in Jersey City’s dramatic transformation, in 2013, NJCU established a School of Business to better serve the growing need of the city and its industry.

Real estate development has been the driving force for much of the renaissance of the city and, as a result, the University has created the Peter G. Mangin Real Estate Institute to offer training and support for students interested in entering the field of real estate.

In 2015, the NJCU School of Business opened its doors to a 70,000-square-foot new facility located at Harborside 2 on the bustling Jersey City waterfront. The NJCU School of Business will offer courses of study ranging from finance and data science, to logistics and supply chain management, and entrepreneurial studies, in addition to its core business courses. The NJCU School of Business seeks funding from alumni, friends, and corporate partners to support students, faculty professorships, an enhanced honors program, state-of-the-art technology, and new facilities, including prominent space within the Harborside facility that will be recognized through on-site signage.

Facilities enhancements

$7 million

Honors program support

$3 million

Program development

$3 million

Student Success

$2 million


$15 million