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The Arts

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The Caroline L. Guarini Department of Music, Dance, and Theatre at New Jersey City University brings together internationally recognized classical and jazz performers, composers, music educators, and musicologists to provide students with an exciting and valuable learning experience. To showcase these works, in 2015, NJCU created the Center for the Arts, the mission of which is to advance the arts throughout Jersey City and the region.

With its proximity to the entertainment capital of the world, NJCU faculty perform on Broadway, at the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center and other remarkable venues. NJCU students benefit from a rigorous curriculum that includes performance, theory, composition, and education in musical theatre, opera, choral arts, orchestra, piano, and dance, as well as those skills needed to produce such performances.

Billboard magazine, the world’s premier music publication, placed NJCU’s Music Business program on its list of top U.S. schools where students learn about the music business with hands-on experience and classes taught by teachers from the industry.

A planned 102,694-square-foot Academic Building site will double the available space and fundamentally change The Caroline L. Guarini Department of Music, Dance, and Theatre, and Visual Arts programs at NJCU. The new facility will house large, multipurpose lecture and recital halls, outfitted with seating for 100 and 250, respectively, as well as rehearsal space, teaching studios, academic support space, a state-of-the-art recording studio, theatre classrooms, practice rooms, faculty offices, five seminar rooms, a computer laboratory, and 25 classrooms.

In the coming years, NJCU will take an active role in a public and private collaboration to restore the historic Loew’s Theatre in Journal Square, and make it a cultural hub with a robust calendar of creative programming. This partnership will open a venue that will afford University faculty and students with exciting new possibilities for performance and growth as artists.

The guiding principle of the arts programs at NJCU is to train students on what it means to be successful on Broadway and in careers in the arts. Thus, the University’s fundraising campaign seeks to leverage these facilities and programs, enhance course offerings, and renew its commitment as a regional leader in performing arts education. To continue this work and unlock its full potential, funding is required to hire new faculty, create new practice and performance spaces, purchase and upgrade instruments and equipment, and provide scholarships for aspiring students.

Facilities enhancements

$3 million

Expanding concert and performance opportunities

$1 million

Student artist support

$1 million


$5 million