Weiss Honored with Boskey Award

Weiss Honored with Boskey Award

This fall, David Weiss, Esq., the founder and director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) at the NJCU School of Business, will be presented with the James A. Boskey Award for his contributions to mediation and his work on mediation policy in New Jersey to promote innovative mediation frameworks.

The Boskey Award, formerly the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Practitioner of the Year Award, is presented by the N.J. State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section and is widely recognized as the highest honor that an individual can achieve in the development and practice of ADR in the state. Boskey Award recipients are selected for their achievements in educating the general public on dispute resolution techniques; encouraging and promoting improvements to our legal system; improving the relationship between the legal profession and the general public; exemplifying the goals and purposes of the New Jersey State Bar’s Dispute Resolution Section; and providing services to the residents of the State of New Jersey.

Weiss, a Visiting Scholar at New Jersey City University, promotes policy in the field of mediation through his research focusing on trade and commerce for small and medium size businesses. He is a founding partner of the Weiss Law Group, LLC, and focuses his law practice on dispute resolution and international trade. He is also the founder of the newly formed International Mediation Center based in Jersey City.

Weiss’s NJCU Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) aims to promote managed risk solutions to promote trade and commerce through research and policy. The Institute applies these principals through applied research in the fields of negotiation and mediation studies to assist family businesses and other privately held enterprises in a globally connected sphere.