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1960 Charter revision for Jersey City's municipal government.
1961 Jersey City adopted Plan C under the Optional Municipal Charter Law (Chapter 210 of New Jersey Laws 1950).The voters citywide elect a mayor and three council members, and the voters of each ward (six) elect one council person. The council is headed by a council president chosen from its nine members. It replaced the commission form of government in place from 1913.
1962 Father Divine purchase Fairmount Hotel for his Peace Mission Movement.
  Jersey City State College (now New Jersey City University began the administration of the A. Harry Moore School.
1964 Lena Edwards, MD, received Presidential Medal of Freedom from Lyndon B. Johnson.

Dedication of Martin Luther King, Jr., School (Public School No. 11) at historic site of Bergen Columbian Academy.

1973 McNair/Academic High School opened.

Hudson County Community College began its development in Journal Square area.

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