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  Lenape people lived on the eastern and western banks of the Hudson River.
1497 John Cabot explored the coast of North America for England.
1524 Giovanni da Verrazano sailed for France and entered New York Bay.
1609 Henry Hudson on the Half Moon sailed for The Netherlands looking for a northwest route to the Indies; he sailed from Newfoundland to the Chesapeake Bay and returned northward to enter New York Bay.
1610 Dutch West India Company received charter from The Netherlands.
1623 - The Dutch West India Company established its headquarters at New Amsterdam for colony of New Netherlands on east and west shores of the Hudson River. First settlers came to colony.
1630 Dutch settlement began on the western shoreline of the Hudson River at Communipaw.
Michael Pauw granted an estate he called "Pavonia" through the patroon system
Island of Harsimus claimed by Dutch West India Company as part of grant to Michael Pauw.
1633 Michael Paulusen became superintendent of Pavonia and took up residence at Paulus Hook.
1634 Jan Evertse Bout became superintendent of Communipaw settlement at Pavonia. He built first house at Communipaw Bay (later South Cove).
1636 Cornelius Van Vorst built a home at Harsimus Cove • Abraham Isaacsen Planck bought land at Paulus Hook.
1638 William Kieft named third Director-General of New Netherlands.
1643 Indians wars began at Pavonia during tenure of William Kieftt.
1647 Peter Stuyvesant became Director General of New Netherlands.
1655 "Peach Tree" War - Pavonia area attacked by the Indians (September 15).
1658 Peter Stuyvesant purchased land from the Indians.
1660 Bergen Township established; palisade to fortify the village completed in April 1661.
  Communipaw became a fortified village.
  First regular ferry service established between Communipaw settlement and Manhattan Island.
  Speer Burial Ground at Bergen Avenue and Vroom Street.
  Bergen Columbian Academy established in Bergen Township.

First public road built connecting Communipaw settlement with Bergen Township.


Old Bergen Church, first and oldest church building west of the Hudson River, constructed. Old Bergen Church Burial Ground started on Bergen Avenue.

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