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College Towers Apartments and College Park Houses
West Side Avenue, Audubon Avenue, Culver Avenue, and
College Street between Audubon, Culver, Westside Ave and College Street

College Towers Apartments
Photo: C. Karnoutsos, 2007 

College Towers Apartments
Photo: C. Karnoutsos, 2007 

College Towers is a middle income co-op multi-building complex of 320 apartments in Greenville. It opened in 1956 as the first limited-dividend cooperative housing in New Jersey under the state's 1949 provision for such non-profit communities.

A housing complex on the site was first proposed during the administration of Mayor Frank H. Eggers (appointed 1947-1949), when the City of Jersey City considered the sale of the approximately twenty-acre site at the foot of West Side Avenue. The property stood as a vacant lot after the "Jersey's," Jersey City's baseball team with the International Baseball League, began to use Roosevelt Stadium as their home field in the 1930s.

A New York Times article in 1947 indicates that initially the proposed housing complex was to be more expansive and extend north to Broadman Parkway. By 1954 with the plans completed, the complex was downsized to extend north only to Culver Avenue. The final construction includes eight five-story buildings, each with forty apartments, parking facilities, playgrounds, and landscaped areas. Designed by Muscolo and Masumian, the College Towers were built by Leo Goodman and John Gruder of Hackensack and Erwin Gerber Associates, architects.

Complementing the nearby campus of Jersey City State Teachers' College (now New Jersey City University), each of the apartment buildings is named for a college or university using the first eight letters of the alphabet: Amherst, Brown, Colgate, Dartmouth, Eton, Fordham, Georgetown and Harvard.

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By: Carmela Karnoutsos
Project Administrator: Patrick Shalhoub