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Hudson Dispatch


Headline from the Hudson Dispatch
Photo: C. Karnoutsos, 2008
Entrance to the former Hudson Dispatch
building in Union City
Photo: C. Karnoutsos, 2008

The now-defunct but significant newspaper for covering news events in Jersey City and northern Hudson County was the Hudson Dispatch. It was a local independent newspaper that began as the Harrison Dispatch, circa 1874, in Harrison, NJ, and was said to have started in East Newark by publisher Trelease, Simonds & Company.

In 1877, the newspaper was sold to a printer who convinced the political leader and Hudson County Sheriff Robert "Bob" Davis to invest in the Dispatch. It moved to Jersey City in 1887, relocated to Union Hill (now Union City) in 1890, and finally took residence in the Dispatch Building at 400 Thirty-eight Street in Union City. Under its new name, the newspaper was noted for its investigative reporting of Hudson County politics and primarily served the communities of Union City, Weehawken, West New York and North Bergen.

Sold to Media News Group of Houston in 1986, the Dispatch was taken over by its competitor, the Jersey Journal, in 1991. By that time the newspaper had been in existence for approximately 117 years, but its circulation had slipped to 30,000 and suffered from a loss of revenue and advertising. Mindful of the Dispatch's journalistic tradition in the county, the Jersey Journal for awhile printed the Hudson Dispatch logo along with its own name on its masthead.

By: Carmela Karnoutsos
Project Administrator: Patrick Shalhoub