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Mayors of Jersey City List


Dudley S. Gregory
First Mayor of Jersey City(1838-1840)
Courtesy, Jersey City Free Public Library

Frank Hague
Longest Serving Mayor of Jersey City (1917-1947)
Photo: M. Aaronson from City Hall Archives
Courtesy, RF Smith



Dudley S. Gregory (April 1838-April 1840)

Peter McMartin (April 1840-April 1841)

Dudley S. Gregory ( April 1841-April 1842)

Thomas A. Alexander (April 1842-April 1843)

Peter Bentley (April 1843-April 1844)

Phineas C. Dummer (April 1844-April 20,1848)

Henry C. Taylor (April 21,1848-April 18,1850)

Robert Gilchrist (April 19,1850-May 2,1852)

David S. Manners (May 3,1852-May 3,1857)

Samuel Wescott (May 4, 1857-May 2,1858)

Dudley S. Gregory (May 3,1858-May 6,1860)

Cornelius Van Vorst (May 7,1860-May 4,1862)

John R. Romar (May 5,1862-May 1,1864)

Orestes Cleveland (May 2,1864-May 5,1867)

James Gopsill (May 6,1867-May 3,1868)

Charles H. O’Neill (May 4,1868-April 10,1869)

William Clarke (April 11,1869-May1,1870)

Charles H. O’Neill (May 2,1870-May 3,1874)

Henry Traphagen (May 4,1874-April 30,1876)

Charles Siedler (May 1,1876-May 5,1878)

Henry J. Hopper (May 6,1878-May 2,1880)

Issac W. Taussig (May 3,1880-May 4,1884)

Gilbert Collins (May 5,1884-May 2,1886)

Orestes Cleveland (May 3,1886-May 1,1892)

Peter F. Wanser (May 2,1892-May 2,1897)


Edward Hoos (May 3,1897-Dec. 31,1901)

Mark M. Fagan (Jan.1, 1902-Dec.31,1907)

H. Otto Wittpenn (Jan.1,1908-June 16,1913)

Mark M. Fagan (June 17, 1913-May 14,1917)

Frank Hague (May 15,1917-June 17,1947) (Retired)

Frank H. Eggers (June 17,1947-May 16,1949)

John V. Kenny (May 17,1949-Dec.15,1953)

Bernard J. Berry (Dec.15,1953-May 20,1957)

Charles S. Witkowski (May 21,1957-June 30,1961)

Thomas Gangemi (July 1,1961-Sept.25,1963) (Resigned)

Thomas Whelan (Nov.15,1963-July 6,1971) (Removed)

Charles K. Krieger (Aug. 5,1971-Nov.8,1971) (Interim)

Paul T. Jordan, M.D. (Nov.9,1971-June 30,1977)

Thomas F.X. Smith (July 1,1977-June 30,1981)

Gerald McCann (July1,1981-June 30,1985)

Anthony R. Cucci (July 1,1985-June 30,1989)

Gerald McCann July1,1989-Feb.13,1992 (Removed)

Marilyn Roman (Feb.14,1992-June 30,1992) (Interim)

Joseph Rakowski (July 1,1992- Nov. 1,1992) (Interim)

Bret Schundler (Nov.2, 1992-June 30,1993)

Bret Schundler (July 1,1993- June 30, 2001)

Glenn D. Cunningham (July 1,2001- May 25,2004)

L.Harvey Smith (May 25,2004-Nov.1,2004)

Jerramiah T. Healy (Nov.2, 2004-June 30,2013)

Steven Fulop (July 1,2013-present)

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