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Official Withdrawal

  • W (official withdrawal) Grade: This grade will only be applicable to the student who officially withdraws from a course by filing a completed withdrawal form with the Office of the Registrar. The deadline dates for filing are November 1 for the Fall Semester; April 1 for the Spring Semester. The mid-semester point for Summer Sessions is the deadline for these sessions. For all officially withdrawn students, the instructor’s final grade roster will have the grade “W” imprinted in the grade column next to the student’s name. A student who does not complete course work and does not officially withdraw will receive the grade of “F”. In extraordinary circumstances, such as hospitalization for an accident or illness, a student may submit a written request to the appropriate academic dean for an official withdrawal after the deadline date. Such requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation of the time and nature of the circumstances. Decisions by the Academic Dean on these requests are final. To obtain a refund, students are required to file an official form according to the Refund Schedule posted by the Registrar. A partial refund is available only within the first third of each semester or summer session.
    NOTE: The grades “W” (Withdrawal), “P” (Pass) and “R” (Repeat-Academic Foundations) do not affect the grade point average; however, an excessive number of “W” grades can adversely affect a student’s eligibility to receive various types of financial aid, and “R” grades are limited to Academic Foundations courses. “R” grades do not count toward degree requirements or graduation.
    Non-attendance does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. The Student will not receive a refund and will receive a grade of "F" for the courses in question.