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R Grade

  • R Grade: This grade will only be used in Academic Foundations courses. The grade is given to a student who demonstrates progress in the course but not sufficient progress to warrant a passing grade. The student who receives an “R” grade must either repeat the course or demonstrate sufficient progress to participate at the next level of course work. Students are allowed to receive one “R” grade per course. When the course is repeated, an “F” grade results in dismissal from the University. Letter grade (A through D) issued in Academic Foundation courses (catalog number less than 100) are not calculated in the grade point average.


    NOTE: The grades “W” (Withdrawal), “P” (Pass) and “R” (Repeat-Academic Foundations) do not affect the grade point average; however, an excessive number of “W” grades can adversely affect a student’s eligibility to receive various types of financial aid, and “R” grades are limited to Academic Foundations courses. “R” grades do not count toward degree requirements or graduation