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Who We Are

The Confucius Institute at New Jersey City University (CI at NJCU) is co-founded by Han Ban and NJCU. This is a joint venture between NJCU and Jilin International University (JISU), our sister school in Changchun, China.

Our Mission

To share the Chinese language and culture with both the NJCU community and beyond.

Who Was Confucius And What Are Confucius Institutes?

Confucius lived in part of the Warring States period when China still had no emperor. He took on students much like Greek philosophers did, and chose his disciples from the "shi" or knight class. His teachings came from the Zhou sage, or “wise man,” traditions. The traditions are highly moralistic, and involve harmonious conduct with nature and one’s fellow man, but Confucius' thought and practices are categorized as philosophy not religion. “The Analects” is a collection of Confucius' thoughts on matters of social, economic, and political conduct. Much is unknown about the man himself, but it is known that he was born in Shandong province in northeast China. (

Confucius Institutes teach Chinese language and culture, especially Chinese humanities. 

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