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Who We Are

We are teachers and students eager to learn about and promote China’s culture and language. Located in the heart of Jersey City, close to the financial district and New York’s Wall Street, the Confucius Institute at New Jersey City University is also at the heart of where East meets West. Our mission is to educate and engage anyone already in or are coming to our community in Mandarin and Chinese culture. Our knowledgeable staff either hailing from China or having studied Mandarin for a long time are passionate about bringing a far-away culture to right here in Jersey City. Since our world is globalizing, China has changed its foreign policy to be more open economically and socially with foreign countries. More businesses and people from China have been flocking to Jersey City to see the sites and learn about the United States, and the Institute wishes to be part of that meeting.

Who Was Confucius And What Are Confucius Institutes?

Confucius lived in part of the Warring States period when China still had no emperor. He took on students much like the Sophists did, choosing from the shi or knight class, to pass on his philosophy. His teachings came from the Zhou sage, or “wise man,” traditions. The traditions are highly moralistic, and involve harmonious conduct with nature and one’s fellow man, but his thought and practices are categorized as philosophy not religion. “The Analects” is a collection of his thoughts on matters of social, economic, and political conduct. Much is unknown about the man himself, but it is known that he was born in Shandong province in northeast China. (

Confucius Institutes teach Chinese culture and are liaisons between Chinese culture and the host culture. Most show off Chinese humanities, such as art and literature, paired with holding events such as celebrating festivals. Our world is globalizing, and with China doing more business with more countries, the importance of Confucius Institutes has grown.

The Confucius Institute at NJCU wants to teach Mandarin and Chinese culture to students, faculty, and the community. Jersey City is also growing and expanding its businesses, and would benefit from intercultural communication and intercultural business exchange. The Confucius Institute can help foster the bridging of Chinese culture and American culture (,00#flag-js-X)

Our Mission

To build cultural and language connections and understanding between China and the United States from the ground-up.

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  • The Opening Ceremony of the Confucius Institute at NJCU took place November 2, 2015. Watch the ceremony.

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