Monitoring and Testing

Pre-Opening Steps

In planning for fall 2020, NJCU will be guided by directives from the State of New Jersey and health agencies, strengthened by analyses and recommendations of our campus planning team. We are currently conducting analyses to prepare the University for the various scenarios that we may encounter. Our goal is to promote a culture of personal and shared responsibility actively. We are putting in place many new measures aimed at protecting the health and safety of our community, and these efforts will require everyone’s conscientious and diligent cooperation.

As part of our return to campus planning process, the University has entered into an affiliation agreement with Diligent, LLC, a medical service delivery practice in NJ. This entity has been actively managing and treating Covid-19 patients since the onset of the pandemic. Diligent, LLC runs a robust telemedicine platform that will develop a HIPAA-protected database for the University of all students, staff, and faculty members. This medical portal is part of a multidisciplinary effort to educate, monitor, and keep all members of the University community safe as we reopen our campus. The uniformity of this HIPAA-protected database, consisting of medical history and any prior COVID-19 exposure, will contribute to the proper management and safety of all students, staff, and faculty in a post-COVID-19 environment.

The telemedicine portal process will follow with videos and materials based on specific health needs. Training videos are included for various safety topics such as hand washing and wearing face coverings for the entire campus. The key elements include self-monitoring, contact tracing, and isolation when necessary; the provision and use of personal protective equipment; reduced density and signage to help maintain social distancing; increased sanitation and hygiene; in-class instruction with online options; and expanded health services.

Telemed Services for Employees   Telemed Services for Students

Telemed Evaluation Instructions 

Testing, Investigation, and Isolation


Because universal, frequent testing for all is not practical, not based in science and not feasible in terms of available resources, NJCU will use two different testing strategies.

  • Symptomatic testing: Employees with COVID-19 symptoms will be recommended for testing through the individual’s health care provider. In partnership with Clinical Staffing Solutions, employees can also be screened the same day via telehealth and be prescribed for testing.
  • Students can be screened for active infection and tested at the Student Health Center.
  • Temperature Monitoring: All members of the NJCU community will be selected at random and invited to participate in temperature screenings as a way to monitor the health of our community.


Through a collaboration with Clinical Staffing Solutions, the Health and Wellness Center will have contact tracers on staff 24 hours a day to conduct assessments throughout our campus to help Wellness Center health care professionals make public health recommendations for students and employees. The contact tracers will be working out of the NJCU Dean of Students office in GSUB 111.

  • Students and employees must participate in any investigation so we can rapidly isolate ill individuals and close quarantine contacts.


  • On-campus, we have identified space to isolate students should they not be able to return home. The coordination of isolation will be initiated by the contact investigation. All students will be asked to isolate at home, and if they are unable to do so, they will be supported by Housing & Residence Life, the Dean of Students Office, the Wellness Center, and Gourmet Dining.
  • Employees will be required to isolate in their homes and follow return to work protocols. 

As we anticipate welcoming the NJCU community back to our campuses and resuming activity, we will continue to provide information, guidance, and updates to everyone throughout what may be a months-long process. We appreciate everyone’s continued flexibility and support.

Isolation Instructions   Quarantine Instructions

Isolation and Quarantine Guide for Students