Benefits of Service

Photo of Students Stock Food Pantry

Benefits of Service

According to a study conducted by Alexander W. Astin of the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles, service provides a number of benefits to people who serve during their college years. The following have been identified as positive effects:

  • Complete college (retention)
  • Enroll in post-graduate study
  • Volunteer after college
  • Socialize across racial/ethnic lines
  • Donate money to undergraduate institutions

There are positive effects on beliefs and attitudes as well and a general commitment to five value outcomes:

  • Participating in community action programs
  • Helping others in need
  • Participating in programs to clean up the environment
  • Promoting racial understanding
  • Developing a meaningful philosophy of life

In addition to the individual benefits of being involved in service activities, organizations have experienced the following benefits:

  • A clearer sense of organizational purpose
  • Increased visibility and awareness for the nonprofit organization and the issue
  • Enhanced ability to be promoted, both on- and off-campus
  • An increase in the sense of teamwork and community within the organization
  • The creation of lasting memories