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Center for Leadership and Engagement Armor Leadership Academy

Program Description

The Armor Leadership Academy seeks to transform the lives of our students by providing a comprehensive leadership development, training and education. Armor will work collaboratively with all University offices and community partners to enhance the leadership skills of our students, inside and outside of the classroom.  Through the facilitation of co-curricular learning, culturally responsive teaching and skills development, we seek to develop visionary student leaders who will be prepared for a complex ever changing society.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Sharpen leadership skills and apply them to strengthen the NJCU community and beyond
  2. Articulate how their co-curricular experiences can integrate and elevate their goals as students, and professionals
  3. Gain the necessary resources to enhance their career readiness skills
  4. Cultivate a culturally responsive mindset to better prepare for a diverse ever changing society


  1. Develop and implement a university wide comprehensive leadership certification program
  2. Design a leadership curriculum that develops and creates future leaders

Measurable Outcomes

  1. Ensure that all defined student leadership initiatives are standardized and congruent
  2. Demonstrate an increase in overall student engagement and leadership development
  3. Demonstrate a successful post graduate and career readiness experience for students
  4. Demonstrate a correlation to an increased retention rate of NJCU students

Program Components

  1. Orientation To College Integration
  2. Certification Program
  3. Special Events and Programs
  4. Training Programs
  5. The Society

Orientation to College Integration

In conjunction with the Orientation to College Program, The Level Up Leaders Program, as part of the Armor Leadership Academy will be integrated into the curriculum. In congruence with the thematic sections of the courses, workshops were designed to incorporate lessons and extend the learning beyond the classroom.

Certification Program

The Armor Leadership Academy features three tiers of enrollment. Students must attend a designated number of workshops, programs and events to matriculate through the program. Year one, features the Level Up Leaders Program. The Gold Leadership program is the next tier which is geared towards more emerging leaders looking to continue their development within the program. The Society is the final tier, for the most established student leaders. This program is application based and will feature the most skilled and trained leaders who have completed the previous tiers.

  • Level Up Leaders
    • The “Level Up Leaders Program” component of Armor, targets the first year NJCU student population. The workshops and programs are grounded in leadership theories made to assist in navigating college.
    • Incentives
      • Induction into Armor Academy
      • Certificate
      • Resume review and Linkedin Update
      • Entry into end of year raffle
  • Gold Leadership Group
    • The Gold Leadership workshops are for our emerging leaders. This tier includes students who have completed the first tier and are also participants in other leadership cohorts.
    • Incentives
      • Induction into Armor Academy
      • Certificate
      • Resume review and Linkedin Update
      • Entry into end of year raffle
      • Exclusive Armor Merch
      • Access to Exclusive Leadership Outings
      • Becomes a “The Society” Candidate
      • Summer Leadership Assistant (SLA) Candidate

Special Events and Programs:

  • Leadership Conferences/Symposiums The Armor Leadership Academy will introduce a series of new leadership themed conferences to the NJCU community. Throughout the year, mini conferences and symposiums will be hosted to in various thematic areas to assist in creating more culturally responsive leaders. The culminating conference will be the LOFT Leadership Conference which brings together student leaders from the Northeast region.
    • LatinX and Leadership Mini Conference
    • Women and Leadership Mini Conference
    • Hip Hop and Leadership Mini Conference
    • LOFT Leadership Conference
  • Special Programs
    • Power Moves Speaker Series
    • Leadership Luncheon
    • Study Abroad with the Global Initiatives Office
    • The Dress for Success Career Readiness Program

In conjunction with the ASCEND Program, Office of Advisement and Office of Campus Life

Knights Leadership Institute Seminars and Retreats

The Knights Leadership Institute includes a multitude of different seminars and retreats aimed towards increasing leadership skills of NJCU student leaders, improve processes and help develop students both personally and professionally.

*All students holding leadership positions within SGO recognized clubs or organization will have a different attendance requirement

Leadership Luncheons

The Leadership Luncheon will introduce students to an individual faculty, staff, or nationally recognized speaker who will lead a conversation on specific topics of leadership.  This dialogue series will provide students with opportunity to have an intimate conversation with the professionals and their peers.

Comprehensive Training Programs

The Armor Leadership Academy will work with NJCU partners to provide comprehensive training opportunities to ensure the highest level of development for our students

  • Title IX Training
  • Safe Zone Training
  • ALICE Training and Active Shooter Video Training

The Society

The Society honor those students who represent the mission of the New Jersey City University to the utmost.  Members of The Society honor a diverse group of students who have contributed to NJCU through their scholarship, leadership, integrity. They possess a great deal of awareness towards the university and the surrounding urban region. They are active participants and contributors to the extracurricular life at NJCU and have completed the Armor Leadership Academy. The Society recognizes the highest level of leadership at New Jersey City University.


  • Full Time registered undergraduate student at New Jersey City University
  • Must have completed up to 48 credits
  • Students who have completed the certificate program of the Armor Leadership Academy




New members will be interviewed and nominated by The Society Search Committee. The committee shall be comprised of NJCU staff, administration and faculty. Upon completion of this process, students will be selected by the aforementioned committee.


Members of the Society will be designated by the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs and University Cabinet for special duties and attendance at University functions.  Members are entitled to wear the official insignia of The Society, in the form of a pin.


Acceptance to The Society is a privilege that requires a serious commitment. Members are expected to attend all assigned functions and uphold the university mission.


  • Custom Blazers
  • Membership Pin
  • Letter of Recommendation from the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
  • $50 book voucher
  • Leadership / Professional Development Subscription Box
  • Passport Support Program
  • Global Initiatives Program- Travel for Student Leaders
  • Resume review and Linkedin Update
  • Leadership / Professional Development Trips Off Campus
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Discounted Prices for Center of the Arts events