Armor Leadership Academy

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Level Up Series

The “Level Up Emerging Leadership” component of Armor, targets the first year NJCU student population. The workshops and programs are grounded in leadership theories made to assist in navigating college.

All workshops take place at 2:00PM- 3:00PM

Week One: Navigating Your Online Resources & Title IX

Thurs. Sept 12 - GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Mama I Made It!”-Through ten tips, students will learn to navigate their college experience. They will learn the basics to engagement, identifying resources and succeeding as not only a college student, but as a student leader.

Week Two: Time Management

Monday Sept. 16 & Thurs. Sept 19 - GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “The Myth of Time Management”- Students will gain important skills on time prioritization as opposed to traditional time management skills. They will go beyond calendars and investigate priorities and goals.

Week Three: Preparing for Class

Thurs. Sept 26- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Speak Up!”- This workshop is centered around business communication. Students will receive ten tips and tools on public speaking and how to apply it to any setting or platform. Students will become better at conversations with friends, presentations for classes, interviews, meetings, performances, speeches, and more.

Week Four: Resources

Monday Sept. 30- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Are you Linked In?”- This workshop is centered around business communication. It will assist students communicate for a professional setting among their peers, professors, and departments. They will also learn how nonverbal communication plays an important factor in what they are conveying through social media platform such as LinkedIn.

Week Five: Discover Your Major & Maximizing Your Relationship w/Your Academic Advisor

Thurs. Oct. 10- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Purpose & Passion”- Students will discover their passions and finding their life's purpose through it. This will help them decide on their major and career endeavors.

Week Six: Registration, Financial Aid, & Managing Stress

Monday Oct. 14 & Thurs. Oct. 17- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “T-i-o-n Experience”- This experience brings together the world of meditaTION, affirmaTION, motivaTION, and celebraTION.  (Created & Owned by Mr. Jeff Dess.)

Week Seven: Campus Engagement

Thurs. Oct. 24- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Who’s In Your Circle: Get Involved?”-  Students will learn the importance of networking and building relationships with the campus community to enhance their goals and other skill sets.

Week Eight: Self Advocacy & Grit

Monday Oct. 28  & Thurs. Oct. 31- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Let’s Get Gritty”: This grit & resilience workshop will discuss grit and resilience through courage and resolve. It will help students identify strengths of their character in order to continue to persevere and strengthen passion for their long-term goals.

Week Nine: Self Advocacy & Grit

Wednesday Nov. 6 GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Are You a Real Life Finsta?”: This workshop will discuss social media branding. Students will learn how their online presence or lack of, can affect their long term professional goals.

Week Ten: Financial Literacy

Monday Nov. 11  & Thurs. Nov. 14- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Get Your Money Right”- This workshop explores the basics of financial literacy. The process of tracking expenses, creating a realistic budget, building their credit and knowing their FICO score. Participants will develop their financial skills so that they can focus on the successful completion of their college education.

Week  Eleven: Study Abroad

Thurs. Nov. 21- GSUB MPR A

Level Up Series: “Changing Zip Codes: Studying Abroad”- Students will learn the importance of expanding their network through travel.

The Gold Leadership Series

The Gold Leadership workshops are for our emerging leaders. This tier includes students who have completed the first tier and are also participants in other leadership cohorts.


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