Roles at a Toastmaster's Club Meetings

  • If you would like to participate at an upcoming Toastmasters Club Meeting with one of the following Roles, please contact us for more information.

    Toastmaster: Leads the meeting and coordinates the agenda. Introduces each person on the agenda other than the evaluation team. Keeps the meeting dynamic and interesting. Is the host/hostess for the meeting. Presents the Ahh Counter/Grammarian and Timer. Repeats the Word of the Day, presents the Speakers, the Table Topics Master and the the General Evaluator.

    Invocator/Inspirational Message: Shares an inspirational thought, quotation or passage that could set the tone for the meeting.

    Ahh Counter/Grammarian: Listens for word choice and for speech fillers such as “ah”, “um”, “like”, “you know”. Overuse of certain words like “basically” or “anyway” could also indicate their use as speech fillers. Presents a report of the number of times each speaker used a speech filler and offers suggestions for avoiding them. Listens for grammatical errors committed by all the participants. Presents a report that includes suggestions for correct grammar. And presents the Word of the Day:(Presents a word, explains its meaning, uses the word in a sentence or sentences and encourages its use by the participants.)

    Timer: Uses timing device and signals to indicate timing for speeches, table topics and evaluations. Presents a summary report of all timed presentations.

    Table Topics Master: Presents a series of general-interest questions and chooses participants who respond with 1-2 minute impromptu speeches. The session helps the members improve speaking skills without preparation. Questions should inspire creative and varied answers that may be humorous, heart-felt, realistic or ridiculous!

    Speaker(s): Present(s) a speech based on a manual from Toastmasters International. The manuals provide structure and guidance to improve speaking skills. They consist of the Basic speaking and leadership development manuals and for advanced specialized speeches. Speakers can earn titles such as Competent Communicator (CC), Advanced Communicator (AC) or Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) by completing the requirements.

    General Evaluator: Presents an overall assessment of the effectiveness of the meeting. Coaches all participants and provides insight to enhance and improve future meetings. Calls the speech evaluators to present their evaluation of the speakers and asks for reports of the Timer and the Ahh Counter/Grammarian.

    Speech Evaluator: Observes, analyzes and provides feedback for the speaker, including praise for specific skills used and suggestions for improvement. Filling this role is an opportunity to support the speaker, provide speaking tips for the audience, and improve your own coaching skills.