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  • The Bursar’s Office is responsible for the billing and processing of tuition and fee payments, collection services on past due accounts, third party billings, and the disbursement of excess financial aid and all other refunds.

    We work closely with the Offices of Financial Aid, Registrar, Admissions, and Residence Life to coordinate billing and related student services.​ We also oversees the collection and application of campus-wide cash receipts and bank deposits.​


    Updated Information

    Click Here› Fall 2014 Informational Brochure  

    Click Here› Navigational Instruction Pamphlet for New Services 


                                                             Fall 2014 Reinstatement Process 

    You may be reinstated for the course/s (if seats are still available or they are not cancelled) from September 11, 2014 until September 19, 2014. 
    You must pay your tuition and fees plus a $75.00 reinstatement fee the day you report to be reinstated. 

    Payment can be made in one of the following ways: 

                Paying in Full 

    1. Online through GothicNet using a credit card, debit card or check, click here for instructions (when using your credit or debit card there is a 2.75% convenience fee) 

                 For instructions with screenshots click here  

    1. In-Person at the Bursar’s Office, Hepburn 106, if paying by check or cash 


                 Enrolling in a Payment Plan 

    1st Payment* is due immediately: 1/3 of your balance + the enrollment fee of $37.00 + reinstatement fee $75.00        

    2nd Payment is due October 15th   

    3rd  Payment is due November 15th 

    *Your Drop for Non-payment letter or email that you received, will indicate the true balance of what was owed.  Take your true balance divided by 3 (which will equal your first installment for your payment plan). You will then need to add a $37.00 payment plan enrollment fee & a $75.00 reinstatement fee that needs to be paid with the first installment.  

    Example: True Balance $5426.65 

    Pmt Plan calculation: $5426.65/3= $1808.88 plus $37 plus $75= $1920.88 (1St Payment) 

    2nd & 3rd Pmt: $1808.88 


    *If you are having trouble deciphering what you need to pay, please contact the Bursar’s Office to speak to a Bursar Representative at 201-200-3045 or send an email to bursar@njcu.edu 

    1. You can make your payment online or in-person at the Bursar’s Office, located in Hepburn Hall Room 106        
    2. After you have made your first installment plus the $37.00 enrollment fee & $75 reinstatement fee, your bill will be cleared to be reinstated.   Go to http://www.njcu.edu/registrar/forms/ click on the Reinstatement Form link and fax to 201-200-2062 or email Registrar@njcu.edu the completed form.  The reinstatement form must be submitted to have course reinstated.  A confirmation will be sent to your NJCU email.  Please make sure you frequently check for NJCU Email messages as Email is an official means of communication between students and the University.
    3. After the Bursar’s Office has set you up in the payment plan you will receive an email at your NJCU email address. Please make sure to check that you have been successfully enrolled. 

    Classes began on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. 


      New Online Service- NJCU Payment Plans

    Click Here› How To Enroll in a Payment Plan  

    Fall 2014 Payment Plans are now available.

    Beginning in Summer II 2014 student’s wishing to enroll in payment plans will be enrolling online through GothicNet and will no enroll with Tuition Management Systems (TMS).   

    This is a new service that eliminates a third party servicer and allows students to enroll online directly through the University website. Payment plan amounts will be subject to change based on changes in financial aid awards and student registration changes that cause adjustments to charges.  


    Click Here› Touchnet PayPath  

     Beginning November 1, 2013:  Credit card payments will ONLY be accepted online through GothicNet.  

    All credit card payments will be assessed a non-refundable 2.75% (minimum $3.00) convenience fee charged by TouchNet Pay Path. Please Note that Credit card payments will not be accepted at the Bursar’s office, over the phone or through fax. All credit card payments must be made online. 

    Click Here› Student E-Refund/ACH Deposit Information 

    Effective Fall 2013 - Tuition bills are online ONLY and paper bills will NO LONGER be mailed.  
     Please check your NJCU email and your GothicNet account online to be informed when the bill is available 


     Bill & Payment Account Center

    Click Here› How to Guide 

     Students now have secure online access to e-bills, e-payments, authorized users and Direct deposit of student refunds (e-refunds)