Woodwinds and Multiple Woodwinds

Woodwinds and Multiple Woodwinds


Woodwinds- NJCU offers outstanding training on clarinet, flute, oboe, saxophone, and bassoon. Students receive thorough preparation for future careers as well-rounded soloists, chamber musicians, ensemble members, and inspiring teachers. 

NJCU not only offers one of the finest woodwind and multiple woodwind faculties in the tri-state area, but also has wonderful scholarship opportunities for students who are both outstanding musicians and academic students. We are happy to offer free trial lessons with our faculty members, a private consultation and tour of our facilities, and a review of all of the exciting opportunities we have to offer!

Multiple Woodwinds- the Multiple Woodwind program has grown into one of the most respected and renowned woodwind intensive degrees in the United States. Founded in the 1990s by the legendary pedagogue and performer Dr. Edward Joffe, the program has had tremendous success, with alumni gaining employment as full-time performers, teachers and touring musicians.

Dr. Joffe's vision of the well-rounded, versatile, and business-savvy artist continues today. Now under the direction of Dr. Joseph d'Auguste, the Multiple Woodwind program has grown to include new faculty members, who represent some of NYC's most in-demand woodwind performers.

NJCU students work with numerous guest clinicians each academic semester. Graduate assistantships are available and awarded based on the needs of the music department and availability through the university

If you are thinking about majoring in music education, performance, or business, please contact us!


BA Music Performance/ BM Music Education 
Please prepare two contrasting etudes and a solo piece of your choice.

MM Multiple Woodwinds 
You will be auditioning on your primary instrument and two secondary instruments. On your primary instrument please prepare a solo of your choice. On two secondary instruments prepare a solo or etude that best represents your abilities. Both jazz and classical styles may be included. 

MM Classical Performance 
Please prepare two contrasting etudes showing your level of technicality and musical ability; a complete concerto from the standard repertoire; At least three contrasting orchestral excerpts


Dr. Joseph d'Auguste, Coordinator of Woodwind Studies