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Honors Program- Finance

  • Honors Program in Finance

    Abigail Dalmau
    Email: adalmau@njcu.edu
    Phone: (201) 253-HNRS 

    The Honors Program in Finance provides a select group of outstanding students with an academically-enriched program that prepares them for finance-related leadership roles in the global marketplace. The program is cohort based, featuring small classes and personalized faculty support. By focusing on the integration of theory and real-world practices, the Honors Program in Finance helps students develop the quantitative, communications, and critical-thinking skills needed to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive workplace.

    Students enrolled in the program are provided with four-year full-tuition scholarships, financial support for study abroad experiences, integrated work internships, a university-provided laptop computer, dedicated honors advisement, and many other important benefits.

    Benefits of the Honors Program in Finance

    Honors Courses: Incoming first-years students are designated as Honors Scholars and they are enrolled in a cohort-based program of study designed to provide them with a strong quantitative foundation, supported by enhanced writing and computer skills. All program courses are enhanced honors sections held at the School of Business’ Harborside graduate center, where Honors Scholars have the opportunity to interact with our graduate program students and faculty. Shuttle buses between Harborside and our main campus will be provided. Honors Scholars will attend program courses together, facilitating the development of strong peer-to-peer ties between the members each cohort.

    Specialized Faculty: Honors Scholars will receive instruction from many of the School of Business’ finest professors, most of whom have significant industry experience. In addition, current business executives will frequently act as instructors and guest lecturers.

    Honors Scholarships: All students accepted into the Honors Program in Finance will be provided with a four-year, full-tuition, scholarship and laptop computer.

    Dedicated Advisement: Honors Scholars will receive personalized academic and career advisement from the Finance program director. Honors Scholars will benefit from priority registration for all program courses. 
    Study Abroad: Honors Scholars will receive financial support for a minimum of two study-abroad experiences during their time in the program. Such experiences will prepare students for the global marketplace expose students to international finance-related practices.

    Capstone Experience: As part of their senior year experience, Honors Scholars will take part in a 6 credit research project designed to facilitate the practical application of business theory and the production of a publishable work of research. Done under the supervision of a dedicated faculty advisor, and coordinated with an affiliated business organization, Students will present their paper to an audience of faculty and peers at a publicly-held honors program symposium at the end of the spring semester of their senior year.

    Special Events: As part of the program experience, Honors Scholars will be invited to on and off-campus events designed to provide students insight into real-world finance-related careers and problems. Visiting high-level business executives will deliver specialized lectures at our graduate center, and students will travel to New York and New Jersey-based firms for first-hand experiences of professional environments and practices.

    Special Recognition: All honors scholars will receive a special honors award at graduation, along with a notation of their achievement in the graduation program. Honors Scholars will receive an Honors diploma along with an honors notation on their university transcripts.

    Requirements for Honors Scholars

    Admission Requirements: In order to be considered for acceptance into the Honors Program in Finance, first-year applicants should have maintained a high school average of 90 or higher, and must have scored at least 1200 on their SAT examination. In addition, applicants should have minimum SAT scores of 550 in critical reading, and math sections.

    Students must submit a separate application for the Honors Program in Finance. That application will include a student essay and must be accompanied by a faculty recommendation form. Potential Honors Scholars must sit for an interview with the honors program selection committee, prior to any decision on admittance.

    Once admitted, students must maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA in order to maintain eligibility for the program.

    How to Apply

    Download/print an application here