Special Education Undergraduate Major

Special Education Undergraduate Major


Completion of this program (and New Jersey State certification) prepares one to assume the responsibilities of special education teacher as well as an elementary education teacher in private or public schools.

Elementary education majors pursuing certification in special education must also complete one of the following liberal arts majors offered by the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, English, Geoscience/Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, or Spanish.

Eligibility for teacher certification is dependent upon completion of the curriculum requirements of a certification program, a passing score on a Praxis II examination, and whatever minimum CGPA has been put into effect by the state at the time a graduate’s application for certification arrives at the New Jersey Department of Education. 

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All education majors must take the following General Education courses or their equivalent:

MATH 215: Problem Solving in Math (3cr)

WGST 110: Diversity and Difference (3cr)

BIO 225: Human Sexual Bio for GEP (3cr)

PSYC 150: Development, Birth to Adolescence (3cr)

Education Program Requirements:

Tier I. Students may take Tier I prior to passing the Praxis CORE.

SPEC 250: Psychological & Ed. Needs of Exceptional Children (3cr)

SPEC 251: Introductory Field Experience (1cr)

SPEC 310: Communication Disorders in Children (3cr)





Tier II

SPEC 330: Psychology & Ed. Needs of Mentally Retarded (3cr)

SPEC 340: Behavior Handicaps in Children (3cr)                   

SPEC350: Psychology & Ed. Needs of Learning Disabled (3cr)

SPEC 325: Remediation of Basic Skills (3cr)






Tier III

SPEC 508: Exceptional Child & Youth in Regular Classroom (3cr)

SPEC 405: Computer Applications in Special Education (3cr)




Tier IV

SPEC 352: Junior Field Experience/Seminar (1cr)  

EDU 361: Elementary Social Studies Workshop (2cr)

EDU  362: Elementary Science Workshop (2cr)

EDU  363: Elementary Math Workshop (2cr)

LTED 360: Elementary Reading, Lang & Literacy Workshop (2cr)






TIER V. Courses must be taken in the same semester. Students must pass the Praxis II Elementary Education General Content Knowledge exam (5001) prior to Tier V.

EDU 480: Internship (Must be in an inclusive setting) (8cr)

EDU 470:  Concurrent Student Teaching Seminar (2cr)






















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