University Advisement Center

University Advisement Center


The University Advisement Center (UAC) is the central place for all undergraduate advisement at NJCU. We are a campus-wide advising service center for undergraduates who have identified their intended major program of study and students who are undecided about a major and want to explore the many academic opportunities on campus. The UAC also assists students who are considering changing majors or would like to explore other options. Your academic advisors are knowledgeable about all the programs and majors offered at NJCU and are available to help you succeed. 

Dr. Sarah Vandermark,
Assistant Provost for Student Success

The University Advisement Center (UAC) provides information and support to assist undergraduate students in completing their general education requirements, gain entry into an academic major, and successfully earn an undergraduate degree. The Center aims to promote student development and success by helping students identify, clarify and realize their academic goals. Through individualized professional advising, the UAC is committed to engaging students in the achievement of their own educational, personal, and career goals. We seek to foster autonomy by challenging and supporting students in their process towards self-directed lifelong learning.

Your academic advisor is your guide to success at NJCU. The advisement process allows you to create a relationship with an advisor who can assist you with planning your educational career, learning the skills you need for academic success, and connecting you to a variety of campus resources and services.

Academic Advisors are assigned to assist new, undeclared, transfer, and veteran students. You will be able to find your assigned advisor by your program of study below. 

Major UAC Advisor
English, History, Philosophy, Spanish, & Women's and Gender Studies Kathleen Banks (201) 200-3569
School of Business and Economics
Rose Marie DiStefano (201) 200-2191
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Environmental Science, Computer Science and Mathematics (STEM) Josh Dornbos (201) 200-
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Environmental Science, Computer Science and Mathematics (STEM) Leah Jackson (201) 200-3292
School of Business and Economics Ayannah Johnson (201) 200-3569
Music, Dance and Theater & Visual Arts Matt Lahm (201) 200-3571
Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education  Lorena Laverde (201) 200-3215
Psychology, Sociology, Political Science & Media Arts Gerry Lopez (201) 200-3279
Psychology, Sociology, Political Science & Media Arts Daysi Romero (201) 200-2184
Criminal Justice Ellie Rodriguez (201) 200-3569
Psychology, Sociology, Political Science & Media Arts Cristian Vergara (201) 200-2177
School of Business and Economics Crystal Villavert (201) 200-3382

Some major departments have professional advisors within their respective offices.  Please see the list below to see which advisors are assigned to specific majors.

Fire Science Anna Scanniello (201) 200-3370
Criminal Justice Dr. Mohamad Kaifa (201) 200-3353
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Environmental Science, Computer Science and Mathematics (STEM)
Kristina Harb College Life Coach, HSI-STEM Biology Department, S450 (201) 200- 2143
School of Business and Economics Queen Gibson School of Business at Harborside Campus (201) 200-3011
National and Professional Security Studies Dr. Scott Fisher Education & Professional Studies Building, P-449 (201) 200-2275

You should plan to meet with your advisor periodically throughout the semester, including at the beginning of every registration period. Registration opens in March for the Fall semester and again in October, for the Spring semester. Registration will continue to be open until the end of the first week of class of that following semester. Your advisor can help you think about your educational goals and can help you plan for your years at NJCU. Failure to visit your advisor will affect your ability to register in future semesters. Seek an advisor soon after the last day to add classes. 

How can I see my advisor: Making an Appointment 
The UAC is open Monday through Friday. Please call the UAC at (201)200-3300/3422 to schedule an appointment with your advisor. You may also e-mail your advisor to schedule an appointment directly. 

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UAC advisors are here and happy to meet with you. You must meet with your UAC advisor prior to enrollment every semester in order to clear your advisement hold. You can make an appointment to meet with your assigned advisor in person by coming to Vodra Hall, Room 101, or by calling our office.

Vodra Hall, Room 101
(201)200-3300 or (201)200-3422


Spring 2018
Office hours:
Mondays – Thursdays 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Walk in Hours:
Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Appointments can be made with your meta-major advisor by calling the main number.