Literacy Education

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About the Literacy Education Department

The Department of Literacy Education prepares literacy specialists for careers in teaching, coaching, training, coordinating instructional programs, diagnosing and treating literacy problems, and developing curriculum. Literacy specialists may work one-on-one, in small groups, or with whole classes. They also focus on all aspects of literacy: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing.

Candidates preparing to become literacy specialists study the components of the reading and writing processes and how children and adults develop literacy. Candidates learn diagnostic techniques and strategies that address the many different types of literacy problems struggling readers and writers may have. They learn strategies for working with all students, including special needs students and English language learners.

The Department of Literacy Education offers a reading specialist graduate program. The Master of Arts / Reading Specialist Program (PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN PAUSED AND WILL BE RELAUNCHING IN JANUARY 2020) is a degree leading to New Jersey reading specialist certification. Reading specialists work in early childhood, elementary, secondary and adult learning environments. Reading specialists work with struggling readers/writers and provide professional development for teachers.

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