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Gothic Knights Activity Kit

Word Search Fun from the Gothic Knights Family to Yours

Mar 27, 2020
Looking for some family fun?  Try an NJCU Gothic Knights word search!  NJCU Athletics has created a word search for each NJCU athletics program that has competed this year.  Hidden in…
medical googles donation banner

NJCU Donates Goggles, Masks to JCMC to Help COVID-19 Efforts

Mar 26, 2020
Every little bit helps during the COVID-19 crisis.  Dr. Scott Mittman, Associate Dean of Sciences in the William J. Maxwell College of Arts & Sciences led the charge in donating 175…
kindness campaign banner

Join Our NJCU Kindness Campaign

Mar 26, 2020
In the midst of this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, we are hearing from so many individuals about things they are doing -- large and small -- to care for loved ones,…