First Annual Festival of Independent Theatre Companies

8:00 pm

West Side Theatre

285 West Side Avenue

unveiling liberty logo

Highlighting five NY and NJ independent theatre companies/playwrights and celebrating the work they do. Plus Saturday workshops!

COMPANIES: Art House Productions, The Greenhouse Ensemble, Jersey City Theatre Center (JCTC), Speranza Theatre Company, and The 9th Floor.

Speranza Theatre Company Unveiling Liberty & The Greenhouse Ensemble The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

Unveiling Liberty – It’s 1886 and ten-year-old Isabelle is enamored with the enormous statue about to be unveiled in NY harbor. Her father and brother will attend the dedication, and Isabelle doesn’t understand why, as a girl, she’s not allowed to go. Meanwhile, the fact that a woman has been chosen to represent liberty has drawn the attention of the Woman’s Suffrage Association. This play explores the state of women’s rights at the time of the birth of an iconic landmark (Family Friendly).

The Proposal – Chekhov’s iconic witty satire presents marriage in the light of economics, rather than love.

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