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About the Program

Proyecto 2019 podium presentation with students and Meriem Bendaoud

Community Partners: Educational excellence requires a dedication to positive growth and an attainable design. Therefore, parents and community leaders are an integral part in supporting Proyecto Science. Joint efforts with participating public school districts have enabled the program to steadily increase its enrollment while constructing a curriculum that is cohesive as well as challenging. Here is what school district partners say about the program:

"...note that the Science Department mission is to create future scientists, the Bayonne Board of Education considers Proyecto the first step for our program participants. Any program that has parents fighting for a placement and maintains a 100% completion rate is to be commended.” ~David Minard, Former Director of Technology, Bayonne Board of Education

"As educators, we are fully aware that we must continue to increase our students' opportunities to become involved in exciting and engaging work related to the STEMs. Proyecto Science has proven to be a robust academic program by which to achieve this important goal. In East Hanover Township, we found Proyecto Science to be an excellent opportunity for our students passionate about the STEMs to both sharpen their academic skills and continue to grow intellectually....The results have been dramatic. Our Proyecto students often stand out in their mathematics, science and technology classes and the enthusiasm for rigorous and relevant summer learning opportunities has increased greatly.” ~Dr. J. L. Ricca, Former Superintendent of Schools, East Hanover Township Schools

Administrators: The Proyecto Science Administration conducts the program. Policies, procedures, and regulations are established through the Administration. The P.S.A. are critically involved in affairs with students, parents, teachers, mentors, N.J.C.U. Faculty, grant committees, and school district administration.

Teachers: Proyecto Science instructors are college, graduate school, and master's students who value education and wish to impart some of their knowledge to other motivated students. Teachers enjoy interacting with students, and watching learning move from the classroom to the world. Teachers at Proyecto Science have a broad range of expertise in science and mathematics. Teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and therefore offer more to their lessons than just direct instruction. Students see their instructors at Proyecto Science as role models and look up to their pursuit and spreading of knowledge and education.