Card Access FAQs

Card Access FAQs

Gothic Card Access & CCTV FAQs

General Info

Your GothicCard identifies you as a member of the NJCU community. You should carry it at all times while you are on campus and present it, upon request, to University officials whose assigned responsibilities authorize them to seek proper identification. 

What is the GothicCard? And what is it used for?
Your NJCU GothicCard is your NJCU ID Card. It is the key to surviving on campus. It serves as an identification card, an electronic key and a debit card, allowing you to easily enter facilities or use services for which you have privileges. You'll be able to use your card to: access campus facilities , purchase food and snacks at the various locations on campus, and pay for books and accessories at the bookstore .

What are the types of readers used to gain entry to facilities?

Magnetic "Swipe" Reader - A magnetic stripe reader, also called a magstripe reader, is a hardware device that reads the information encoded in the magnetic stripe located on the back of a plastic badge. Magnetic stripe readers can be read by a computer program and are generally categorized by the way they read a badge. Swipe readers require that the card be "swiped" or pass completely through the reader.

Proximity " Show" Reader - The person shows their card within a few inches of the reader; the reader receives a unique id from the card and transmits it to a central computer that tells it whether or not to open the door. 

What do the lights mean on the readers?
Red Light - Door is locked. You must use your card to gain access. 
Green Light - Door is open. No card is needed.

What if I receive a red light when I swipe my card?
A red light indicates that an individual is not authorized to gain access to a specific building or service. There are several reasons why this may occur: 1) the individual no longer has an active access status to the facility, or 2) the card may be malfunctioning. A cardholder that receives a red light when swiping the card should visit the Department of Public Safety in Rossey Hall. The Department of Public Safety Office is responsible for controlling card access and resolving card problems.

Where do I get a GothicCard?
Please visit the University Service Center in the Gilligan Student Union Building to obtain your GothicCard. 

How do I obtain access to buildings?
Access is determined either by existing access policy, or by Chairperson or Dean authorization. 

Default Access: All current NJCU Students and Employees have access to main entries of public buildings during normal business hours.

Association Access: In addition to default access, additional access will be placed on the cardholders account based upon their Association with various access points on campus (such as their Residence hall).

Example: A student who lives on campus will be given default access, and access to their Residence Hall (and room). A facilities employee will be given default access and access to the facilities building.

Management Authorization: To obtain access above and beyond Default and Association, Dean/Chairperson Approval is required. The Dean/Chairperson is the "person responsible for the area/group" to which the cardholder requires access. The Approval process requires that a "person responsible for the area/group" submit a request via the Access Request Form. The use of the Access Request Form allows us to grant access in a timely and accurate manner while maintaining accountability. 

Example: A new employee is hired and needs access to a specific area to perform their duties. The supervisor responsible for that area fills out the Access Request Form authorizing access for the individual. 

Can my GothicCard be used by anyone else?
Do not let anyone else use your GothicCard but you! As the temporary owner of the card, you are responsible for its safekeeping and its authorized use. It must never be loaned, given, or transferred to any other individual.

What if I lose or damage my GothicCard?
If your GothicCard is lost, stolen or damaged, you must report it immediately to the University Service Center at 201-200-2552 during business hours, or to the Department of Public Safety at 201-200-3128 during non-business hours. 

Who has access to reader information?
GothicCard activity, which is recorded at the readers, is used for official University business only. Access to this information is highly restricted. This information is used to ensure campus security and to track or monitor general usage trends. 

If I am returning next semester, what happens to my access on the GothicCard?
The access on your GothicCard roll over from semester to semester providing you remain current and in good standing with the University. 

What if I have further questions not addressed here?
Please email or call us at 201-200-3128.