Advanced Study and Test Information

Thinking about graduate school?

Use these links for additional information on tests and careers.


Find abbreviations for titles, degrees, and graduates tests.

American Dental Association provides resources on careers and education for potential dental students.

American Podiatric Medical Association provides information on podiatric medicine.

Millers Analogies Test is an assessment test for graduate school.

College and Graduate School Information Guide.

Comprehensive Guide to Research Colleges and Graduate Schools.

Fulbright Student Program.

Graduate Management Council gives information graduate management school, testing, and careers.

Graduate Record Exam is an assessment test for graduate school.


Law School Admission Council provides information on law school testing, admission, and careers.

"MBA Review" Website

Medical College Administration Test (MCAT provides information on Information on Medical Schools.

Association of American Medical Colleges

(202) 828-0600


Nursing School 411 is a guide with information on nursing licensure requirements and school options.