Services and Resources for Undergraduate Students

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The Career Success Lab provides the following resources and services to undergraduate and graduate students. Our goal is to equip each student with the knowledge and skills they need to obtain a satisfying and fulfilling career. This process starts during a student’s first year. Please see our suggestions below of steps to be taken to ensure each student graduates with an in-depth plan for their future.

Freshman and Sophomore Year

  • Attend workshops and career fairs to develop skills, learn about internships, and get contacts for employment.
  • Build your resume through targeted work experience and assess skills.
  • Student will become engaged in assessing personal values, interests, skills and abilities through career self-assessment tools such as the FOCUS II or the Self-Directed Search.
  • Clarify short- and long-term career goals and update your career plan by meeting with a career counselor.
  • Students will be charged to get involved on and off campus. Join a student organization, volunteer, and/or get an on-campus job/first year internship through the student employment program.
  • Develop skills and build your resume through volunteer work and part-time employment.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to declare your major.
  • Research careers and make notes on academic preparation and skill requirements for specific careers.
  • Students will actively research and identify two career fields of interest and conduct informational interviews with professionals in those fields.
  • Schedule a meeting with career counselor or advisor to discuss interests and related majors, clarify goals, assess skills, and develop a career plan.
  • Schedule a meeting with a cooperative education coordinator to prepare for internships.
  • Students will create an online professional profile on Handshake and LinkedIn.
  • Students will connect with a professional mentor utilizing Graduway.

Junior Year

  • Apply for a cooperative education or internship experience to build your resume, gain skills, learn new concepts, and find mentors.
  • Assess your skills related to career interests and technology and write three related goals and activities.
  • Attend employer workshops and Career Fairs.
  • Develop a list of contacts for references, internships and job opportunities.
  • Develop a resume for cooperative education or internships.
  • Get involved in clubs, volunteer work, and community service to develop leadership skills.
  • Meet with career center staff to update your resume, to review career plan, to prepare for graduate school admission and to assess skills.
  • Research Companies, Explore Choices, Network, and Prepare for professional Opportunities and Graduate School.
  • Advanced Study and Tests
  • Request information on graduate schools, certification programs, and training programs for continued learning.
  • Use the Career Center resources to research companies that interest you and review hiring areas, practices, and requirements.
  • Use online career development programs.

Senior Year

  • Advanced Study and Tests
  • Apply for graduate school and send support documents, e.g., transcripts, essay, test scores, and recommendations. R
  • Apply for graduate school and send support documents, e.g., transcripts, essay, test scores, and recommendations. Research financial aid and graduate school assistantships.
  • Complete a second cooperative education or internship experience.
  • Contact employers, administrators, and faculty for recommendations.
  • Continue to develop your resume through co-op experiences, volunteer work, Internships, practicum, part-time employment, and community service.
  • Create a portfolio of recommendations, leadership experiences, awards, and work.
  • Fill out forms for graduation clearance
  • Meet with employers, faculty, and staff to request recommendations for jobs and graduate school admission.
  • Research organizations and industries for potential employment and preparation for interviews
  • Review and complete application requirements for graduate school.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to develop a job search plan, to review short term and long-term career goals, to do interview preparation, and to revise your resume.
  • Schedule mock interviews online and with a career counselor.
  • Update your career plan and resume.
  • Use Handshake Internet Listing, and Career Center Postings to assist with your job search.

Online Services

Online services enable you to schedule an appointment, research information, and develop your skills at times that meet your busy schedule.