City Ordinance Parking

City Ordinance Parking

City Ordinance 99-028

The City of Jersey City has enacted City Ordinance 99-028 which prohibits on-street parking around the University between 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Monday to Friday without a City Resident Only Zone 8 Parking Permit. Violators will be subject to fines and may have their vehicles booted.

The specific street restrictions have been identified below: 

  • Audubon Avenue: Between Bergen Ave. and Westside Ave.

  • Broadman Parkway: Between dead end & Kennedy Blvd.

  • Casper Court: Entire Length

  • College Drive: Between Audubon Ave. & Culver Ave.

  • College Street: Between Audubon Ave. & Culver Ave.

  • Culver Avenue: Between Westside Ave. & Kennedy Blvd.

  • Fisk Street: Bewtween Westside Ave. and Kennedy Blvd.

  • Fulton Avenue: Betwwen Bergen Ave. and Sterling Ave.

  • Grant Avenue:Between Bergen Ave. and Westside Ave.

  • Iorio Court: Entire Length

  • Kennedy Boulevard

        between Stegman Parkway & Audubon Ave.

        between Culver Ave. & Broadman Prk.

        between Stegman St. & Grant Ave.

  • Stegman Parkway: between Westside Ave. & Kennedy Blvd.

  • Stegman Street: between Kennedy Blvd. and Bergen Ave

  • Stegman Court: Entire Length

  • Stegman Terrace: Entire Length

  • Stegman Place: Entire Length

  • Towers Street: Entire length

  • Van Houten Ave: Entire Length

If you received a boot or have any questions call the Parking Authority at (201)653-6969.