Gothic Knights Swipe Out Hunger

November 22, 2019
Thanksgiving turkeys & pies

NJCU is proud to partner with Gourmet Dining to provide our campus with Swipe Out Hunger, a national nonprofit committed to ending campus hunger to help college students reach their potential. Swipe Out Hunger mobilizes students to donate their extra meal swipes to their food-insecure peers for use at campus dining facilities.  NJCU is only the second school in New Jersey to provide this program on campus.  While this program has only recently begun, we have already received donated meals and offered them to community members in need.  To  learn more please visit the Swipe Out Hunger website.

NJCU and Gourmet Dining are also proud to announce that we are providing 65 turkeys and hot meals during this Thanksgiving season to students in our community.  Through the generous donation of hot foods and desserts by Gourmet Dining our students and their families are truly able to celebrate the holiday together.

“Roughly 74 percent of college students are nontraditional students, meaning that they fit one of six criteria: they attend college part-time, are employed full-time, are financially independent, must provide for dependents, or are a single parent” (Colleges and University Food Bank Alliance Report, 2016).  This reflects the make-up of the student body here at NJCU and as a result, it has become quite difficult for many students to support themselves while also going to school.

Recently NJCU began a needs assessment of food insecurity on campus and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs deemed it necessary for the campus to begin construction of a food pantry as well as to create a pathway for students to access social services through a main location on campus. 

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