NJCU Stories

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NJCU Stories

NJCU Stories

At NJCU, we know that our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends are doing amazing things.

Not everyone else knows this as well as we do, though, so here we share the stories of NJCU people.

Share Your NJCU Story With Us!

If you have a good NJCU story to tell, we'd love for you to send it in a video (recorded with your phone is fine) of 3 minutes or less.

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We want your video to be an authentic account of your NJCU experience in your own words, but if you need help getting started, please review our guidelines below for pointers. 

Technical Guidelines for Recording Your NJCU Story Video 

Stage your video area. 
Keep in mind that people aren’t just seeing you, they’re also seeing whatever the camera is pointed at behind you. Consider arranging it so that you either have a tight shot where you can’t see what is in the background, or you select a nice background, such as a clean section of your favorite room or a tranquil outdoor area.  

More light is better. 
Video quality is dramatically improved with more lighting. An extra nearby lamp is usually helpful. Just make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you - being backlit (sitting with your back to a window) makes you harder to see. If you are shooting outdoors, be sure that the sun is not behind you. 

Try to look into the camera. 
Looking into the camera will give the appearance of eye contact with whoever you’re talking to.  

Be mindful of background noise. 
When your microphone is not muted, avoid activities that could create additional noise, such as shuffling papers. If you are outdoors, you’ll want to use as quiet a location as possible. If planes fly overhead or other unexpected noises occur when outdoors, you record more than one version so that you have one without those sounds. 

Don’t chance running out of recording battery. 
Make sure you’re fully charged — or plugged in — before you start recording. 

Leave time in the beginning and the end. 
When you begin recording wait at least 3 seconds before you start speaking. When you are done recording wait 3 seconds before you stop recording. Maintain a neutral expression for the 3 seconds before you start and after you end. 

Send it in! 
Send a video that is 3 minutes or less in .mp4 format for broadest compatibility. Please do not edit the video before you send it to NJCU using this form

Content Guidelines for Your NJCU Story 

Important to Include: 

Students and Alumni 

  • Your name, major and school, graduation year, and (if applicable) current job 

  • How NJCU helped transform your life 

Faculty, Staff, and friends 

  • Your name and current job 

  • If you work at NJCU, how long you’ve worked here 

  • If you don’t work at NJCU, explain your connection 

  • What you value about NJCU  

Nice to Include: 

For Everyone 

  • How NJCU transformed your life 

  • Why you think NJCU is different from other universities 

  • Your favorite NJCU memory (can be academic, social, or anything else) 

  • Funny anecdotes or stories about NJCU and/or its people 

For Students and Alumni 

  • Why you chose NJCU 

  • Describe your transition to college 

  • What was special about your degree program 

  • Professors and/or administrators who helped you and how 

  • Any special professional or personal achievements you can trace to your NJCU experience 

  • Any challenges you faced while in college and how NJCU helped 

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