1337 Named to Spring 2022 Dean’s List

August 23, 2022
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JERSEY CITY, N.J. | New Jersey City University has announced that 1,337 undergraduate students have earned distinction for their academic success by being named to the Spring 2022 semester Dean’s List. Among the honorees, 289 students achieved a perfect 4.00 grade point average (GPA) during the term.

For a student to be eligible for Dean’s List accolades, they must earn a semester GPA average of 3.50 or better while enrolled in 12 or more countable credits.

Dean’s list recipients by class include 370 freshmen, 483 sophomores, 243 juniors and 242 seniors.

Psychology was the major program with the most Dean’s List selections with 157. Other major programs with more than 30 honorees include Computer Science (93), Criminal Justice (91), Accounting (82), Biology (82), Nursing (67), Management (62), National Security Studies (55), English Lit (40), History (39), Marketing (38), and Media Arts (32).

Students who conclude their undergraduate studies with a 3.65 GPA or better will graduate with honors and be recognized at Commencement as cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude, if their GPA equates to the following:

  • 3.65-3.79 cum laude
  • 3.80-3.89 magna cum laude
  • 3.90-4.00 summa cum laude

The full list of Spring 2022 Dean’s List recipients are listed below:


Last Name First Name City State Semester GPA Major Class
Abanilla Stephanie Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Abarah Emmanuel Irvington NJ 3.740 BS-CYBSECU Junior
Abbasi Muhammad Woodside NY 3.714 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Abdelaal Hassan Jersey City NJ 3.581 BS-PHYAPPH Junior
Abdelmalak Merna Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Abdelqader Ayat Bayonne NJ 3.769 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Abdin Ali Jersey City NJ 3.783 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Abdoul Aziz Souley Newark NJ 3.925 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Aboutaleb Reem Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-BIOLOGY Junior
Abraham Isaac Edison NJ 3.800 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Abrahamsen John Freehold NJ 3.625 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Abrams-Vetter Sabrina Bayonne NJ 3.829 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Abreu Brianna Union City NJ 4.000 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Abreu Shantel Jersey City NJ 3.838 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Acosta Alexander North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Junior
Acosta Maryluz Paterson NJ 3.869 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Acosta Meran Shari North Bergen NJ 3.583 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Adami Giovanna Kearny NJ 3.714 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Adams Emily Jersey City NJ 3.800 BA-ARTFAC Junior
Addesso Angelo Bayonne NJ 3.671 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Adebowale Oladimeji Irvington NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Adkins Sarah Jersey City NJ 3.825 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Afonso Maria Teresa Kearny NJ 3.740 BS-MANGMT Senior
Afoulki Rachid Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Africa Aeden Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Afroz Saleha Paterson NJ 3.783 BS-CYBSECU Sophomore
Aftys Ichraf Kearny NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Agbebiyi Tomiwa Newark NJ 3.694 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Agnew Hailey Haledon NJ 3.800 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Aguila Michael Guttenberg NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Aguilar Charmaine Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Aguilar Jennifer Union City NJ 3.833 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Aguilar-Martinez Jocelyn North Bergen NJ 4.000 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Aguirre Alan Lyndhurst NJ 3.833 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Ahmed Fattan North Brunswick NJ 3.515 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Ajikobi Ayokunumi Newark NJ 3.579 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Aka Princess Newark NJ 3.911 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Akeju Moyinoluwa Jersey City NJ 3.580 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Alago Linda Jersey City NJ 3.769 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Alama Richard Kearny NJ 3.638 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Alaribe Rhoda Jersey City NJ 3.931 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Albert Arlene Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Sophomore
Alcantara Sebastian Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Alejandro Krysti Kearny NJ 3.800 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Alejo Stephnie Jersey City NJ 3.760 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Alemany Jonathan Union City NJ 3.825 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Alexander Leandra Kearny NJ 3.540 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Alfaro Hazell Orange NJ 3.631 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Alfonso Rachel North Bergen NJ 3.675 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Ali Husnain Jersey City NJ 3.925   Senior
Alicea Elvin Newark NJ 3.675 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Alicea Juliet Barnegat NJ 3.925 BFA-ARCDIL Senior
Alicea lopez Jorge Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-MANGMT Junior
Alkandi Shruk North Bergen NJ 3.660 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Alli Muizzat Irvington NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Allman Joseph Clark NJ 4.000 BS-FIRESCI Junior
Almaguer Arianna Weehawken NJ 3.600 BFA-ARCDGD Freshman
Almanzar Kastirene Keansburg NJ 3.600 BS-GLOBUSI Freshman
Almeida Julia Colonia NJ 3.700 BA-POLSCGN Junior
Almonte Norman Lesly North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Alvarado Hannah Garfield NJ 3.805 BS-GEOENSC Junior
Alvarado Jennifer Fairview NJ 3.925 BS-MANGMT Junior
Alvarado Maria West New York NJ 3.769 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Alvarez Daniel Union NJ 3.600 BS-BUSADSC Sophomore
Alvarez John North Bergen NJ 3.500 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Alvarez Norma Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-ARTFAC Senior
Alves Camilla Jersey City NJ 3.750 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Amador Beatriz Urbandale IA 4.000 BS-SCLMPM Sophomore
Amarante Issa West New York NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Amaro Genesis Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Junior
Ambrosio Matthew Waretown NJ 4.000 BS-FIRESCI Sophomore
Amenowode Judith Boonton NJ 3.623 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Ancona Joseph Manalapan NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Andrades Lorianne-Marie Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Sophomore
Andujar Naomi West New York NJ 3.660 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Ang Mary Janine Elise Jersey City NJ 3.957 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Ansah Samuel East Orange NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Ansay Bea ayessa Jersey City NJ 3.963 BFA-ARCDIL Junior
Aparicio Yodalys North Bergen NJ 3.643 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Aponte Angelee Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-SPMGMT Freshman
Arabia Brittany Belmar NJ 3.925 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Arango Miguel West New York NJ 3.575 BS-GLOBUSI Sophomore
Arentsen Katherine North Arlington NJ 3.940 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Arevalo Mauricio Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-MARKTG Senior
Argueta Genesis North Bergen NJ 3.594 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Argueta Guillermo West New York NJ 3.807 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Argueta Jayson Bloomfield NJ 3.775 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Arias Rose Bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Arias Yanibel Bayonne NJ 3.650 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Arif Kainat Jersey City NJ 3.936 BS-BUINFSY Freshman
Asali Sofia Belleville NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Asimolowo Adenike Union NJ 3.600 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Asitimbay Jenifer North Bergen NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Asumadu Richard Linden NJ 3.540 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Atkins Christine Carteret NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Attidore Alyssa North Plainfield NJ 3.750 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Auld Perez Heymi North Bergen NJ 3.700 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Auriemma Amanda Kearny NJ 3.825 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Austin Jennah Bayonne NJ 3.820 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Avila Abril Jersey City NJ 3.567 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Aviles Ariana Willingboro NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Awad Ahmed Bayonne NJ 3.500 BS-MARKTG Senior
Awad Asmaa Jersey City NJ 3.680 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Awad Evita Jersey City NJ 3.518   Senior
Awadallah Jennah North Bergen NJ 3.756 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Awan Hadia Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Awolumate Omolade Browns Mills NJ 3.900 BS-HSPMGT Junior
Ayala Katherine Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Ayers Aaron Manalapan NJ 3.500 BS-GLOBUSI Junior
Azevedo Daniel Roselle Park NJ 3.800 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Babalola Bisola Newark NJ 3.506 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Baccarella Ryan Tinton Falls NJ 3.575 BA-HISTORY Senior
Bachanes Joseph Bayonne NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Baez Arizabeth Guttenberg NJ 3.750 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Baiza Vanessa Elizabeth NJ 3.573 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Bajor-Gil Stella Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Bakertcy Brittni Jersey City NJ 3.579 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Bakhet Sanaa Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Baksh Ameera Englewood NJ 3.525 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Balmes Elena Isabelle Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLCW Junior
Bamba Naziha Jersey City NJ 3.800 BA-BIOLOGY Freshman
Bangura John North Brunswick NJ 3.925 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Banks Nashira Jersey City NJ 3.663 BS-EXCSCI Senior
Baquerizo Damaris Union City NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Sophomore
Barbosa Michelle Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Barboza Mazzarine Union City NJ 3.786 BS-BIOCHEM Junior
Barcena Juan West New York NJ 3.925 BS-ENTRPR Senior
Barone Mary Kate Wayne NJ 3.700 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Barrington Miranda Kearny NJ 3.880 BFA-ARCDIL Freshman
Barrow D'Angelo Jersey City NJ 3.500 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Bart Brandon Freehold NJ 3.940 BS-BUSADSC Sophomore
Bartole Mario Ridgefield NJ 3.944 BS-EXCSCI Senior
Barzallo Jessica Bogota NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Bateman Christopher Irvington NJ 3.825 BS-SPMGMT Junior
Becerril Rebecca Guttenberg NJ 3.750 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Belamide Juan Miguel Bayonne NJ 3.986 BS-BIOCHEM Senior
Belfleur Gloria Jersey City NJ 3.869 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Belibrov Robert West New York NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Bell-Clementi Vincent Cliffside Park NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Bellaredj Asma North Bergen NJ 3.608 BA-MATHEMT Freshman
Bello Elizabeth Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-MARKTG Senior
Bellomo John Marlboro NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Beltran Oscar West New York NJ 3.786 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Beltre Edili Union City NJ 3.617 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Beluli Hekuran Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-MUSBUSN Freshman
Benitez Asael West New York NJ 3.657 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Benkaddour Amina Jersey City NJ 3.800 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Bent Ciara Jersey City NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Berardi Kaitlyn Brick NJ 3.959 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Berls Kevin Ogdensburg NJ 3.925 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Bermeo Mayra Union City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Berrios Christopher Jersey City NJ 3.654 BS-CHEMIST Freshman
Berrios Jessica Union City NJ 3.894 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Beskales Manerva Jersey City NJ 3.920 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Bhajan Riya Clifton NJ 4.000 BA-ARTFAC Senior
Bianchini Anthony Kearny NJ 4.000 BS/MS-ACCT Senior
Binaday Arnold Greenbelt MD 3.567 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Binoya Christian Jersey City NJ 3.677 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Birch Gielow Julia Newark NJ 3.883 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Birtwistle Rachel Bayonne NJ 3.944 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Bishop Paige Bayonne NJ 3.559 BFA-ARFAPD Sophomore
Bissoo Retalia Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-BIOCHEM Sophomore
Blair Mckenna Colonia NJ 4.000 BA-MUSIC Senior
Blanco Jose West New York NJ 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Bloom Robert Jersey City NJ 3.550 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Boadnarine Rickhraj Bayonne NJ 3.638 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Bohrer Kyle Brick NJ 3.580   Sophomore
Bonilla Elissa Mine Hill NJ 3.575 BSW-SOCWRK Sophomore
Bonilla Vanessa Elizabethport NJ 3.880 BS-BUSADSC Junior
Bonilla Verenice Union City NJ 3.800 BS-MARKTG Junior
Boughdiri Nazek Jersey City NJ 3.980 BS-MISDMS Sophomore
Boules Mariam Bayonne NJ 3.720 BA-POLSCGN Junior
Bourghelle Theo Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Sophomore
Boyer Gabrielle Lebanon PA 3.500 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Boz-Paredes Elizabeth Jersey City NJ 3.931 BA-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Branch Lesley Hawthorne NJ 3.575 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Braxton Ayanna East Orange NJ 3.880 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Brayboy Jenea Bayonne NJ 3.925 BA-SOCIOL Junior
Breaud Kayla Eatontown NJ 3.750 BS-HLTHPHE Sophomore
Brennan Thomas South Amboy NJ 3.740 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Breton Rachel West New York NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Briscoe Simone Toms River NJ 3.623 BA-MUSMSTH Junior
Brito Naomi Jersey City NJ 3.800 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Brockmann Jessalyn Jersey City NJ 3.925 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Brown Elijah Neptune NJ 3.659 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Brown Jacqueline Hazlet NJ 3.575 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Brown Megan Brick NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Freshman
Brown Na'zir Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Brown Salimah Rahway NJ 3.940 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Brown Sharon Plainfield NJ 3.500 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Brown-Ross Fadillah Irvington NJ 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Brozova Klara     3.700 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Brudnicki Hadassah Jersey City NJ 3.540 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Budakov Regina Morganville NJ 3.514 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Burgos Torres Juan Ridgefield NJ 3.860 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Burns Sophia Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Bustamante Argelia Kearny NJ 3.643 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Byrd Ronshera Jersey City NJ 3.769 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Byrne Emma Elizabeth Jersey City NJ 3.860 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Cadet Chrissie Roselle NJ 3.720 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Caicedo Ashley Jersey City NJ 3.931 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Caicedo Carlos Jersey City NJ 3.756 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Calder Jasmine Bayonne NJ 3.600 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Calderon Kiara Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Calero Keiry Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ARTARTH Sophomore
Caley Maggie Bayonne NJ 3.850 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Callamari Christa West Milford NJ 3.768 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Camacho Alex Bayonne NJ 4.000 BSW-SOCWRK Senior
Camargo Chris North Brunswick NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Camargo Ryan North Brunswick NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Camejo Nicolas North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-MEDIART Junior
Cameron Alex East Brunswick NJ 3.650 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Campbell Kristopher Edison NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Senior
Campbell Roger Jersey City NJ 3.800 BS-SPMGMT Senior
Campos Alin North Bergen NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Sophomore
Campoverde Diana Union City NJ 3.540 BA-MEDIART Junior
Campoverde Wilson Guttenberg NJ 3.614 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Cancel David Bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Cancino Chelsea Jersey City NJ 3.608 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Cando Karl-Jakob Linden NJ 3.714 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Cane Alexia Bayonne NJ 3.825 BA-MEDIART Junior
Cantada Jonathan Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Capua Nicolette Staten Island NY 4.000 BA-MUSBUSN Sophomore
Caraballo Gustavo North Plainfield NJ 3.725 BM-PERFJZZ Sophomore
Carangui Verenice Jersey City NJ 3.544 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Cardona Angie Clifton NJ 3.880 BFA-ARFAPD Sophomore
Carmichael Leah Jersey city NJ 3.931 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Carneiro Victoria Jersey City NJ 3.714 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Carney Caitlin Bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-GEOENSC Freshman
Carpio Diranlly Elizabethport NJ 3.940 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Cartagena Joel Bayonne NJ 3.800 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Carvajal Guijarro Camila Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-CHEMIST Freshman
Casareo Kendrick Jersey City NJ 3.680 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Castellano Dominick Jersey City NJ 3.923 BA-BIOLOGY Senior
Castellon Amy Bayonne NJ 3.660 BA-MEDIART Junior
Castillo Lia Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Sophomore
Castillo Lissette Jersey City NJ 3.680 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Castillo Marina North Bergen NJ 3.800 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Castillo Richard Passaic NJ 3.660 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Castro Julien Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Catacutan Erwin Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Catral Juno Bergenfield NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Cattley Brielle Marlboro NJ 3.736 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Catusco Cassidy Howell NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Ceballos luna Maria Wood Ridge NJ 3.760 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Cedeno Kelvin North Bergen NJ 3.680 BS-NATSEC Senior
Celestin Brianna Linden NJ 3.944 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Celestin Karla Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Senior
Chacon Kaylee Union City NJ 3.850 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Chance Kayla Plainfield NJ 3.500 BS-HIM Sophomore
Chapat Ambre     3.750 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Chaudhry Hareem Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-BIOLOGY Junior
Chaudhry Umar Jersey City NJ 3.944 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Chauhan Sakshi Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Chavis Imani Syracuse NY 3.825 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Cheema Alnoor Jersey City NJ 3.728 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Chen Di Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Chiradechachan Siraphob Jersey City NJ 3.831 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Chirinos Jaime Pasadena TX 3.876 BM-PERFCLS Freshman
Choffo Andrew Boonton NJ 3.721 BM-PERFJZZ Senior
Ciaffone Dominique Staten Island NY 3.671 BA-MUSBUSN Sophomore
Ciborowski Nicholas Bayonne NJ 3.764 BFA-ARTDCC Junior
Cifuentes Andrea Harrison NJ 3.829 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Clamor Eliza Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Clapman Sima Jackson NJ 4.000 BS-FIRESCI Sophomore
Cmielewski Walter Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-SOCIOL Senior
Cobb-Roseberry Mia Union NJ 3.900 BS-FINANCE Junior
Colmena Carlos North Bergen NJ 3.833 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Colon Johnathan Union City NJ 3.542 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Comer Ayanna Newark NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Concepcion Diana Bogota NJ 4.000 BA-POLSCGN Senior
Contreras Lisbeth Wall Township NJ 4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Sophomore
Cooney Katelyn Hoboken NJ 3.908 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Coplin Zuleika Jersey City NJ 3.500 BS-HLTHPHE Senior
Coradi Caue Newark NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Correa David Perth Amboy NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Cortes Roberto Hoboken NJ 3.800 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Corticada Cristina Elizabeth NJ 3.700 BA-MUSBUSN Sophomore
Costine Amanda N Middletown NJ 3.675 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Cotto Melanie East Rutherford NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Courtney James Highlands NJ 3.825 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Couvertier Jaren Paterson NJ 3.600 BA-ENGLCW Freshman
Craig Patrick Manasquan NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Criollo Barros Evelyn Newark NJ 3.508 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Cristadoro Jessica Edison NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Crow Adriana Jersey City NJ 3.760 BFA-ARCDGD Junior
Cruces Xena Kearny NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Crucey Emiliano Newark NJ 3.500 BS-NATSEC Senior
Cruz Alan Bayonne NJ 3.740 BS-SPMGMT Senior
Cruz Ashlie Jersey City NJ 3.643 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Cruz Axel Union City NJ 3.600 BA-HISTORY Junior
Cruz Gabriel Avenel NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Cruz Jazmin West New York NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Cuadra Angelica Jersey City NJ 3.500 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Cueto Agustina West New York NJ 4.000 BFA-ARFAPD Sophomore
Cueto Katia Jersey City NJ 3.575 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Cunneff Erin Oceanport NJ 3.641 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Cunningham Jade Jersey City NJ 3.769 BA-CHEMIST Freshman
Curreri John Freehold NJ 3.750 BS-FIRESCI Sophomore
Cyrius Ruth North Arlington NJ 3.900 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Czudak Edward Bayonne NJ 3.800 BA-MATHEMT Senior
Da Silva Santiago West Orange NJ 3.600 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Da silva pereira Barbara Kenilworth NJ 3.800 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Dabal Robert West New York NJ 3.675 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Dabbadie Sidnie Burbank CA 3.740 BA-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Dahhan Mouaz Jersey City NJ 3.842 BA-BIOLOGY Senior
Daif allah Asma Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Dalton Elizabeth Spring Lake NJ 3.777 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Dannunzio-Silva Natalia North Bergen NJ 3.925 BS-HSPMGT Sophomore
Darji Bhumi Jersey City NJ 3.756 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Datadeen Andrew Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Datta Diya East Brunswick NJ 3.657 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Daus Sunshine Jersey City NJ 3.715 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Davila Octavia West New York NJ 3.880 BFA-ARCDIL Freshman
Davis Juvan Bayonne NJ 3.620 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Davronbekova Dilafruz Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS/MS-ACCT Junior
Dawson Shea South River NJ 3.740 BA-SOCFHYS Junior
Dayadat Lalita Jersey City NJ 3.500 BS-MISDMS Freshman
De Almeida Neves Geovana Newark NJ 3.880 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
De guzman Jasleen Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
De jesus Jazmin Union City NJ 3.675 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
De Jesus Rae-Anne Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
De Leon Jasmine West New York NJ 3.637 BM-PERFJZZ Sophomore
De los Santos Alanis North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-SOCIOL Senior
Defoe Tyrik Bayonne NJ 3.600 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Deignan Margaret Fords NJ 3.894 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Deignan Thomas Fords NJ 3.940 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
DeJesus Alexandra Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Del Monte Isabella Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PHYAPPH Sophomore
Del'haye Catharina     4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Freshman
Deleg Aida Jersey City NJ 3.880 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Deleon Allish Weehawken NJ 3.617 BS-GLOBUSI Junior
Deleon Beatriz Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Delgado Andrea Bayonne NJ 3.600 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Delgado Daniel Jersey City NJ 3.860 BA-MUSBUSN Senior
Delgado Leilany Newark NJ 3.876 BA-SPANISH Junior
Deris Alexander Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Derrig Matthew Lyndhurst NJ 3.550 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Desantis Christopher Keansburg NJ 3.880 BS-SCLMPM Sophomore
DeVoe Julie Cliffwood NJ 3.925 BA-ENGLCW Sophomore
Devoto Victoria Ridgefield NJ 3.619 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Dhanraj Chandanie Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Diamond Naureen Sayreville NJ 3.800 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Diaz Abigail Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Junior
Diaz Andrea Union City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Diaz Emily Bayonne NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Junior
Diaz Francheska Jersey City NJ 3.908 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Diaz Gabriel Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Diaz Lylah Bayonne NJ 3.581 BFA-ARTPHO Sophomore
Dibella Marianna Freehold NJ 3.675 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Dingle Shane Jersey City NJ 3.720 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Diop Khadija Jersey City NJ 3.811 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Dipopolo Samantha North Arlington NJ 3.820 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Divo Komlan Newark NJ 3.825   Senior
Doherty Alea North Bergen NJ 3.500 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Doliente Hana Ela Jersey City NJ 3.931 BS/MS-ACCT Senior
Domingues Gabriela Perth Amboy NJ 3.736 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Dominguez Marlon Union City NJ 3.522 BA-MUSIC Freshman
Drumright Johnae Trenton NJ 3.520 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Dudley Anya Elizabeth NJ 3.621 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Duffett Nicole North Arlington NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Duque Lorena Union City NJ 3.860 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Durango Cristian Union City NJ 3.540 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Durrani Laila Jersey City NJ 3.850 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Durso Vincent Marlboro NJ 4.000 BS-SCLMPM Freshman
Eagan Kelley Sea Bright NJ 3.800 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Ebrahim Karolen Jersey City NJ 3.660 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Echavarria Devin Iselin NJ 3.683 BS-BUSADSC Junior
Echeverria Sarah Jersey City NJ 3.815 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Eckel Cifrese Brianna East Windsor NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Edmilao Ethan Jersey City NJ 3.931 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Egas Mateo Sicklerville NJ 3.500 BS-MANGMT Senior
Ekoue Bryan Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Ekundayo Temidayo Lagos   4.000 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Elayyan Ayaa Elizabeth NJ 3.860 BS-MANGMT Senior
Elbadry Abdelrahman Jersey City NJ 3.600 BFA-ARFASC Sophomore
Elbaz Marawan Jersey City NJ 3.783 BS-FINANCE Senior
Elidrissi Elbouzaidi Nisrine Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Elliott Ryan Matawan NJ 3.600 BS-FIRESCI Senior
Elliott Shaquanna Bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Elmansoury Tasneem North Bergen NJ 3.838 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Elserafy Peter Jersey City NJ 3.550 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Emara Amina Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Enriquez-Montemay Caylen Bayonne NJ 3.617 BA-MUSMSTH Senior
Erdaide Judith Hoboken NJ 3.940 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Escamilla Vazquez Jessica Guttenberg NJ 3.860 BS-BUSACGB Senior
Escano Angelica Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Junior
Escobar Juan Union City NJ 3.531 BA-MATHEMT Freshman
Espin Maria South Hackensack NJ 3.880 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Espinosa Hector Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Espinosa Mariam Union City NJ 4.000 BA-SOCIOL Junior
Espinosa-Ford Dayshia El Paso TX 3.850 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Essabhi Nezha Union City NJ 4.000 BA-MATHEMT Sophomore
Esteva Daniel Union NJ 3.500 BA-PHYAPPH Sophomore
Estevez Genesis Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Estrella Felipe Little Ferry NJ 3.575 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Evrad Sahra Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Eye Jennifer Belleville NJ 3.623 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Fahmy Noha Jersey City NJ 3.767 BS-MANGMT Senior
Fanelli Mackenzie Hazlet NJ 3.860 BS-SCLMPM Freshman
Farag Emad Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Faragalla Beshoy Jersey City NJ 3.680 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Faria Sara Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Fassnacht Scott Bayville NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Fathy Nourhan Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-GLOBUSI Sophomore
Favor Frederick Jersey City NJ 3.825 BA-BIOLOGY Senior
Felix Kaitlin Belford NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Feliz Rosennies Union City NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Ferland Savannah Jersey City NJ 3.500 BSW-SOCWRK Junior
Fernandez Ariana Jersey City NJ 3.869 BA-ARTARTH Senior
Fernandez Chaz West New York NJ 3.650 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Fernandez Jenessy Jersey City NJ 3.575 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Ferreira Sarah Harrison NJ 3.643 BFA-ARCDIL Junior
Fierro Adnaloy Fairview NJ 3.660 BA-SPANISH Freshman
Figueroa Destiny Orange NJ 3.750 BS-MANGMT Senior
Figueroa Isabel Paterson NJ 3.680 BS-SPMGMT Sophomore
Figueroa Leon Britanny Bayonne NJ 3.920 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Fisher Amy Neptune NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Fletcher Cynthia Bloomfield NJ 3.825 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Flores Brenner Elizabeth NJ 3.925 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Flores Murillo Kira Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Flores-Guaman Lizbeth North Bergen NJ 3.500 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Fontan Lesley Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Senior
Fournier Sydney Secaucus NJ 3.952 BA-MUSBUSN Freshman
Fox Laney Parkland FL 4.000 BA-POLSCGN Sophomore
Francis Lateja Bayonne NJ 3.681 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Francisco Gabriel Jersey City NJ 3.893 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Franza David Wall Township NJ 3.675 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Freitas Sarah Newark NJ 3.850 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Frezzo Izabella East Rutherford NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Fuentes Raquela Union City NJ 3.825 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Fugaban John Marino Bergenfield NJ 3.700 BA-MUSIC Senior
Fusco Josephine Newark NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Gabriel Brandon Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-MEDIART Junior
Galano Samantha Bayonne NJ 3.900 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Galarza Daniel North Middletown NJ 3.925 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Galati Daniella Garwood NJ 3.700 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Galdamez Roberto Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Galindo Nadezda Wharton NJ 3.675 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Gallemore Janell Jersey City NJ 3.660 BA-WMNGNDR Senior
Galliani Valeria West New York NJ 3.931 BA-MUSIC Senior
Galvez Maria Howell NJ 3.675 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Gandhi Takshma Jersey NJ 3.733   Sophomore
Gantt Mya Jersey City NJ 3.860 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Gapasin Rachel Jersey City NJ 3.813 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Gapusan Joshua Jersey City NJ 3.720 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Garcia Amanda North Bergen NJ 3.627 BA-MUSIC Senior
Garcia Arian West New York NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Garcia Danielly Bayonne NJ 3.880 BA-MUSMSTH Sophomore
Garcia Esther Guttenberg NJ 3.600 BS-GLOBUSI Freshman
Garcia Jennifer Union City NJ 3.700 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Garcia Jessica Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-MUSMSTH Senior
Garcia Marie Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLCW Senior
Garcia Michael Jersey City NJ 3.931 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Garcia Raymond Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-ACCFNMG Senior
Garcia Suri Orange NJ 3.813 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Garcia Yenifer Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Garcia Yerika Jersey City NJ 3.680 BS-HSPMGT Sophomore
Garcia Vasquez Genesis Jersey City NJ 3.680 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Garlobo Portuondo Liliana North Bergen NJ 3.750 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Garrido Darwin Plainfield NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Garzon Alexandra North Bergen NJ 3.740 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Gaskin Ryan Manalapan NJ 3.860 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Genthe Crystal Jamesburg NJ 3.813 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Gerges Basanty Bayonne NJ 3.667 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Gerges Michael Bayonne NJ 3.500 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Geslicki Francis JERSEY CITY NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Ghacham Mohamed North Bergen NJ 3.667 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Ghaly Amy Bayonne NJ 3.936 BA-POLSCGN Sophomore
Ghattas Christina Jersey City NJ 3.567 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Gijon-Cruz Adriana Jersey City NJ 3.760 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Gil Victoria South River NJ 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Gilmete Andrew Jersey City NJ 3.660 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Gilmore Tamika Jersey City NJ 3.756 BS-CHEMIST Senior
Gilzean-Colon Anjanie Fords NJ 3.743 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Gipson Shakeem Newark NJ 3.550 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Girgis Eriny Bayonne NJ 3.756 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Girgis Eva Bayonne NJ 3.929 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Gittens Destiny Newark NJ 3.733 BS-MANGMT Junior
Gligorov Mila MILANO   3.850 BA-POLSCGN Freshman
Glinski Ronald Howell NJ 3.925 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Gohel Mukti Jersey City NJ 3.931 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Goldston Jaidon Jersey City NJ 3.675 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Gomes Rainho Linda Newark NJ 3.830 BA-MUSMSTH Freshman
Gomez Alexandrea Jersey City NJ 3.625 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Gomez Jaslyn Union City NJ 3.925 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Gomez Sommer Union City NJ 4.000 BS-BIOCHEM Senior
Gomez Escobar Daniel Ocean NJ 3.717 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Goncalves Celena Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Gonsalves Tatiana bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Gonzales Alexandra Newark NJ 3.820 BA-ARTFAC Sophomore
Gonzales Anne Kathryn Old Bridge NJ 3.824 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Gonzalez Anabella Bloomingdale NJ 3.740 BA-ARTARTH Sophomore
Gonzalez Ava Bayonne NJ 3.606 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Gonzalez Gabriel West New York NJ 3.800 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Gonzalez Hector Jersey City NJ 3.619 BS-CHEMIST Freshman
Gonzalez India East Orange NJ 3.925 BA-GEOEASC Sophomore
Gonzalez Jaydan Hoboken NJ 3.750 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Gonzalez Karla Linden NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Gonzalez Katie Newark NJ 3.548 BA-MUSBUSN Sophomore
Gonzalez Mario Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Gonzalez Yeudy Perth Amboy NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Gonzalez-Vazque Jorge West New York NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Goolsarran Fabian Jersey City NJ 3.786 BS-FINANCE Senior
Gordillo Ashley Union City NJ 3.569 BA-MUSBUSN Senior
Gotay Crystal West New York NJ 3.575 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Gotia Joshua Marten Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Gracia Asha Old Bridge NJ 3.650 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Gradl Lillian Red Bank NJ 4.000 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Granja Marinely North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Grant Zacarria Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Grau Chloe Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Graves- Holley Dominique Plainfield NJ 3.625 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Green Jordan Somers Point NJ 3.880 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Gress Helana Bayonne NJ 3.888 BA-BIOLOGY Junior
Grey Melanie Kearny NJ 3.631 BA-ARTFAC Senior
Grooms Qua-Asia Roselle NJ 3.864 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Grosso Dayna Howell NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Junior
Grullon Estefania Bayonne NJ 3.750 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Grund Kyle Union City NJ 3.900 BS-BUSADSC Junior
Guaman Giselle Union City NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Guanlao Rachel Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Guarquila Kimberly Jersey City NJ 3.950 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Guerrero Vanessa Perth Amboy NJ 4.000 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Guerrero William North Bergen NJ 3.919 BM-PERFCLV Junior
Guillen Oscar Union City NJ 3.800 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Gupta Neha Jersey City NJ 3.950 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Gurczeski Elena Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Gurczeski Evelyn Carteret NJ 4.000 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Gurung Pema Dhoma     4.000 BA-BIOLOGY Freshman
Gutierrez Julian North Bergen NJ 3.756 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Guzman Camila Jersey City NJ 3.581 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Guzman Leonel Jersey City NJ 3.500 BS-SPMGMT Sophomore
Guzman Martha Union City NJ 3.800 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Guzman-Amaya Zady Elizabethport NJ 3.714 BA-BIOLOGY Senior
Hafiz Zeyad Bayonne NJ 3.680 BS-FINANCE Junior
Halberg Bracha Lakewood NJ 3.959 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Halecki Adam Secaucus NJ 3.925 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Hall Ashleigh North Arlington NJ 3.738 BA-ARTARTH Freshman
Halpern Sharon South Orange NJ 4.000 BA-ARTARHS Sophomore
Hanna Fady Bayonne NJ 3.860 BS-FIRESCI Senior
Hannallah Shady Bayonne NJ 3.825 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Haq Abdullah Jersey City NJ 3.869 BS-BUSADSC Junior
Haqq Qawiyya Westampton NJ 3.809 BA-MUSMSTH Sophomore
Hardnett Shakeema Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Haro Flor Harrison NJ 3.653 BA-MUSIC Senior
Harrigan Katie Jersey City NJ 3.646 BA-MUSMSTH Sophomore
Harsch Connor Bayonne NJ 3.638 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Hasegawa Kenta     3.750 BA-ECONOMC Freshman
Hassan Safaa Jersey City NJ 3.860 BA-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Hasting Daryl Howell NJ 3.860 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Hawes Alec-Brandon Jersey City NJ 3.760 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Helland Allison Jersey City NJ 3.850 BS-HSPMGT Freshman
Henry Austin Jersey City NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Henry Naomi Brooklyn NY 3.850 BA-SOCCRSB Junior
Heredia Eric Union City NJ 3.740 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Hernandez Alexa Union City NJ 3.813 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Hernandez Alexia Bayonne NJ 3.600 BA-ECONOMC Sophomore
Hernandez Astrid Union City NJ 3.833 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Hernandez David Elizabeth NJ 3.944 BS-NATSEC Junior
Hernandez Grace Jersey City NJ 3.775 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Hernandez Joshua Lake Worth FL 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Hernandez Victoria Union City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Herrera Ayleen West New York NJ 3.675 BA-SPANISH Sophomore
Herrera Carol Bayonne NJ 3.700 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Hidalgo Nayeli Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Higgins Clare Tinton Falls NJ 3.650 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Higueros Jennifer Ridgefield NJ 3.563 BA-POLSCGN Freshman
Hill Karrington Jersey City NJ 3.500 BA-POLSCGN Sophomore
Hill Latwanna Jersey City NJ 3.613 BS-ENTRPR Sophomore
Hines Donovan Hackensack NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Hisen Ronald Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Hodge Ryan Basking Ridge NJ 3.931 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Hodges Julianne Hoboken NJ 3.775 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Hojnacki Nina Bayonne NJ 3.540 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Holmes Ayanna Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Hong Alyssa Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Freshman
Hong Mitchell Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-SPMGMT Senior
Hoque Ehasan Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Howard Amiyah Somerset NJ 3.675 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Hughes Johnnie North Bergen NJ 3.750 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Hulse Victoria Colts Neck NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Hussein Ibrahim Jersey City NJ 3.650 BA-SOCIOL Senior
Hussein Sabrine Bayonne NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Hutchinson Matthew Monmouth Junction NJ 3.800 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Huynh Ngoc Jersey City NJ 3.975 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Huzaifa Mohammad jersey city NJ 3.825 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Ibrahim Peter Jersey City NJ 3.840 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Ibrahim Youstina Jersey City NJ 3.700 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Ibrohimov Botirjon Jersey City NJ 3.575 BS-MANGMT Senior
Idhamouch Fouzia Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Igbokwe Ashley Piscataway NJ 3.856 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Igweze Udochukwu Iselin NJ 3.914 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Ikedife Joyce Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-BIOCHEM Senior
Imperiosi Michael Passaic NJ 4.000 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Irby Jayvin South Orange NJ 3.800 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Isern Tony Secaucus NJ 3.835 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Ishiek Achrf Jersey City NJ 3.525 BS-MISDMS Sophomore
Iskander Adio Bayonne NJ 3.869 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Istasious Marina Bayonne NJ 3.682 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Jablonsky Justin Kearny NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Senior
Jadhav Rutu Jersey City NJ 3.931 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Jaime Luis Jersey City NJ 3.500 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Jangra Christopher Monmouth Junction NJ 3.925 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Jaramillo Sebastian Union City NJ 3.850 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Jarana Perez Neida Seaside Heights NJ 3.947 BS-CLSC Freshman
Jayaraman Adithi Livingston NJ //////   Freshman
Jayed Ebram Jersey City NJ 3.540 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Jean baptiste Rebecca Irvington NJ 4.000 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Jeetoo Valerie Jersey City NJ 3.833 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Jen Caleb Bloomfield NJ 3.753 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Jenkins Danayah Jersey City NJ 3.517 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Jenkins-Newcombe Khalil South Amboy NJ 3.638 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Jerez Paulino Esterlin Jersey City NJ 3.681 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Jeter Rebecca Jersey City NJ 3.500 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Jimenez Bryan Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Jimenez Carlos Paterson NJ 3.563 BA-PHYAPPH Freshman
Jimenez Carlos Weehawken NJ 3.740 BFA-ARCDIL Junior
Jimenez Reyes Santiago Plainfield NJ 3.681 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Joachim Jenny West Orange NJ 3.714 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Johnson Alice East Orange NJ 3.820 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Johnson D'nasia Elizabeth NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Johnson Parris Dover NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Johnston Juliette Bayonne NJ 3.862   Sophomore
Johnston Victoria Jersey City NJ 3.900 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Jones Giovania Jersey City NJ 3.686 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Jones Kevin Piscataway NJ 3.575 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Jones Marcel Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-BIOLOGY Junior
Jost Sean Manasquan NJ 3.540 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Juarez Harlette Bayonne NJ 3.525 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Julia Jordi Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Kabalkin Hana Lakewood NJ 4.000 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Kadiri Mariam Newark NJ 3.944 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Kafarski Robert Howell NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Kain Rebecca Keansburg NJ 3.800 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Kamel David Jersey City NJ 3.667 BA-BIOLOGY Freshman
Kanan Alaa North Bergen NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Kaplan Michael Manalapan NJ 3.800 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Kaur Amrit Monroe Township NJ 3.538 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Kaur Amritpreet Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Kavanaugh Kelly Rockaway NJ 3.660 BS-FIRESCI Sophomore
Kawamura Yoshiki Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-MANGMT Junior
Kellner Kalyn Barnegat NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Kelly Cierrah Bayonne NJ 3.715 BFA-ARCDIL Freshman
Kenfack Tejiogue Christiane Irvington NJ 3.675 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Keragita Teresa Jersey City NJ 3.629 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Keys Tiara Bayonne NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Khadaka Diana Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Khan Ayesha Jersey City NJ 3.800 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Khan Madeeha Jersey City NJ 3.860 BA-SOCHSIA Freshman
Khan Sanah Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
KHANNA KINJAL     3.500 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Khublall Arnold Jersey City NJ 3.825 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Khusial Kaylin Jersey City NJ 3.608 BA-PHYAPPH Freshman
Kiefer Chloe Kearny NJ 3.931 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Kilsby Kellie Fords NJ 3.660 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Kimutai Moses Jersey City NJ 3.675 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
King Vilease Bayonne NJ 3.786 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Kittler Susan Matawan NJ 3.525 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Koffi Esther Newark NJ 3.515 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Kolakowski Adrian Bayonne NJ 3.940 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Kong Weikang Hoboken NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Kontzialis Spyridon HOWELL NJ 3.750 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Koroma Foday Jersey City NJ 3.685 BA-MUSBUSN Freshman
Kouevidjin Folly Jersey City NJ 3.800 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Kozian Oliwia Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Senior
Kozierowski Anthony Harrison NJ 3.782 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Kpodo Adnan Teaneck NJ 3.720 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Krizanova Lucia     3.800 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Kucere-Lavcinovska Sofija Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Senior
Kuriansky Uziel Lakewood NJ 3.905 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Kutcher Samantha Perth Amboy NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Kyle John Sayreville NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
La Bruno Dylan Bayonne NJ 3.800 BS-FINANCE Senior
Labaguis David Jersey City NJ 3.785 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Labella David North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLCW Sophomore
Laderas Jason Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-POLSCGN Freshman
Lage Gabriela Union City NJ 3.758 BA-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Lai Jacky Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Lakeman Keith West Orange NJ 3.738 BA-PHYAPPH Sophomore
Lambos Alexios Bayonne NJ 3.950 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Lanez Erine Jersey City NJ 3.740 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Lantigua- Perez Elainy Clifton NJ 3.942 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Larios Fransheska Union City NJ 3.825 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
LaRocca Roxanne Monroe Township NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Latag John Jersey City NJ 3.620 BA-ENGLCW Senior
Latif Filza Bayonne NJ 3.833 BS-NATSEC Junior
Laureano Damaris Bayonne NJ 3.608 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Lavell Michael Lyndhurst NJ 3.500 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Layseca Daniella Jersey City NJ 3.933 BM-PERFJZZ Junior
Ledesma Destyni Union City NJ 3.608 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Lee Cheaeun     3.750 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Lee Chiseon Clifton NJ 3.757 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Lee Michael Bayonne NJ 3.940 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Lefebre Asia Elizabeth NJ 4.000 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Lemus Brieanna Oakhurst NJ 3.950 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Lennon Jeremy Jersey City NJ 3.671 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Lewandowski Jeffrey Port Monmouth NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Lewandowski Jordan Matawan NJ 4.000 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Lewis Andrew Marlboro NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Lewis Deonte Jersey City NJ 3.538 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Lewis Makayla Newark NJ 3.800 BA-SOCIOL Senior
Ley Alejandro     4.000 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Lherisson Olivier Bloomfield NJ 3.660 BS-MARKTG Junior
Libutsi Julius Jersey City NJ 3.567 BA-PHYAPPH Sophomore
Liddell John Aberdeen NJ 3.750 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Lin Ryan Irvington NJ 3.700 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Ling Brenna Middletown NJ 3.736 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Linkevich Christian Lawrence Township NJ 3.660 BS-GLOBUSI Senior
Lipa Roxanne Jersey City NJ 3.850 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Lisa Michele Hoboken NJ 3.750 BS-GLOBUSI Junior
Liu Andy Jersey City NJ 3.940 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Livingston Tyler South Amboy NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Lliguichuzhca Nuve Kearny NJ 3.700 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Lo Mously Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ECONOMC Sophomore
Loccisano David Tinton Falls NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Lockhart N'dea Orange NJ 3.617 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Lopez Denilson Elizabeth NJ 3.850 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Lopez Katelin Kearny NJ 3.577 BA-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Lopez Omar Toms River NJ 3.820 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Lopez Guznay Henry A North Bergen NJ 3.520 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Lopez Orellana Jackeline Elizabeth NJ 3.500 BS/MS-ACCT Junior
Loras Verges Gerard Jersey City NJ 3.507 BS-CHEMIST Sophomore
Lore Sydney Marlton NJ 3.720 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Lorge Maria Galloway NJ 3.860 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Loughlin Brianna Matawan NJ 3.767 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Louis Jerry Newark NJ 3.500 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Lozada Jennifer Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Lozano Jeffrey Belleville NJ 3.825 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Lu Cuong Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Lubczenko Sylwia Bayonne NJ 3.529 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Lucia Nicholas Bayonne NJ 3.540 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Lugtu Mac Jairus Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Luis Edwin Bayonne NJ 3.750 BS-CYBSECU Junior
Luna Veronica West New York NJ 4.000 BA-PHILOSP Junior
Macaulay-Smith Ruth Woodbridge NJ 4.000 BS-MISDMS Freshman
Machado Adriana Newark NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Machado Carol North Bergen NJ 3.500 BA-SOCFHYS Sophomore
Machin Julissa Bayonne NJ 3.800 BA-ENGLCW Junior
Mack Alexandra Little Silver NJ 4.000 BS-BUSGBMG Senior
Macklin Brianna Bayonne NJ 3.518 BA-BIOLOGY Senior
Madar-Dank Viktor Budapest   4.000 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Madera Jennifer Union City NJ 3.680 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Madrid Rodrigo Jersey City NJ 3.500 BS-FINANCE Junior
Maia Giovanna Cliffside Park NJ 3.850 BS-MARKTG Senior
Maisara Tuhfa Iselin NJ 3.783 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Maldonado Alejandro Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Maldonado Kelly Jersey City NJ 3.740 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Malia Richard Bayonne NJ 3.500 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Malone Morgan Bayonne NJ 3.750 BA-MEDIART Senior
Mangassa Sally Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PHYAPPH Sophomore
Manuel Laleshka Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Manuel Sean Bayonne NJ 3.893 BA-MUSBUSN Senior
Maradiaga Sofhia West New York NJ 3.677 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Maramot Ranen Jersey City NJ 3.824 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Marchan Jenniffer West New York NJ 3.940 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Marion Darius Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Marmol Raymond West New York NJ 3.500 BA-MEDIART Sophomore
Marquez Concepcion Newark NJ 3.681 BS-HSPMGT Freshman
Marquez Kaira Bayonne NJ 3.914 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Marrero Chelsea North Bergen NJ 3.800 BA-MEDIART Senior
Martinez Alejandra West New York NJ 3.940 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Martinez Bersabe Union City NJ 3.806 BS-MARKTG Junior
Martinez Charlene Union City NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Martinez David West New York NJ 4.000 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Martinez Fatima West New York NJ 3.925 BA-SOCFHYS Sophomore
Martinez Frances North Bergen NJ 3.838 BA-ARTARTH Freshman
Martinez Josue Rutherford NJ 3.500 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Martinez Juan North Bergen NJ 3.720 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Martinez Kateryne West New York NJ 3.860   Senior
Martinez Roxana Jersey City NJ 3.540 BFA-ARCDGD Junior
Martinez Yalismarie East Orange NJ 3.956 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Martins Savannah Kearny NJ 3.775 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Massett Grace Kearny NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Junior
Massoud Sara BAYONNE NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Mastrolia Andrew Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Matari Hamza Clifton NJ 3.925 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Matta Grace Jersey City NJ 3.680 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Matute Evelyn Union City NJ 3.825 BS-BUSGBMK Senior
Maxfield Michael Freehold NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Mayen Guzman Ivan Union City NJ 3.782 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Mazariegos Jackeline Union City NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Mazzarella Rachael Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Mbow Shouhaybou Union City NJ 3.820 BS-COMPSCI Junior
McAlary Rebecca Lincroft NJ 3.545 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Mccarthy Katelyn kearny NJ 3.771 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Mcdonald Simone Somerset NJ 3.554 BSN-NONACC Freshman
McEachern Aisha Jersey City NJ 3.520 BS-MANGMT Freshman
McEvoy Robert Piscataway NJ 3.750 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Mcgarry Stephen Howell NJ 4.000 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
McGreivey Jaelynn North Bergen NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Mcintosh Shari Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Sophomore
McIntyre Rachael Louise     3.825 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Mcneill Janelle Linden NJ 3.500 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Meany Matthew Belleville NJ 3.833 BS-FIRESCI Senior
Medina Belen Paterson NJ 3.931 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Megale Giancarlo Bayonne NJ 3.617 BA-MUSBUSN Senior
Megnauth Navita Jersey City NJ 3.743 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Mejia Jonathan Roselle Park NJ 3.833 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Mejia Norberto Union City NJ 3.581 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Mejia-Asqui Kristel Lyndhurst NJ 4.000 BA-POLSCGN Sophomore
Mejias Emilly Union City NJ 3.775 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Mekhael Nesrin Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Mele Logan Bayonne NJ 3.529 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Melendez Raymond Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Melone Anthony Bayonne NJ 3.715 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Mena Lesley West New York NJ 3.525 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Mena Melissa Bayonne NJ 3.550 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Mendes Sebastian North Plainfield NJ 3.850 BA-MUSIC Freshman
Mendez Bryanna Clifton NJ 3.650 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Mendez Jamalette Passaic NJ 3.838 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Mendez Kelsey Weehawken NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Mendez Lesley Hackensack NJ 3.869 BA-MATHEMT Sophomore
Mendez Nicole Harrison NJ 3.714 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Mendiburu Maximiliano Bayonne NJ 3.550 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Menjivar Sanchez Julianna Union City NJ 3.880 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Merly Giana Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Mesa Elam Union City NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Meshriky Beemen East Brunswick NJ 3.944 BA-SUSTSTD Freshman
Meyers Alex Bayonne NJ 3.800 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Michael Eyerusalem Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Michaels Carly Kearny NJ 3.740 BS-CYBSECU Sophomore
Michail Nardeen Jersey City NJ 3.650 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Michieka Joshua Jersey City NJ 3.860 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Milet Tony Jersey City NJ 3.688 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Miltaha Amal Jersey City NJ 3.771 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Miranda Roxana Jersey City NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Mirang Rebekah Lyn Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-HSPMGT Junior
Mirthes Logan Butler NJ 3.500 BA-MUSIC Sophomore
Misir Narendra Rahway NJ 3.944 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Mitchell Nikki Jersey City NJ 3.757 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Mohamed Showhret Bogota NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Mohamed Ziyad Jersey City NJ 3.700 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Mohammed Shianne Jersey City NJ 3.786 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Monfort Regla Rutherford NJ 3.631 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Montalvo Denise hillside NJ 3.869 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Monte Santo Cascardo Filippo Kearny NJ 3.714 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Montero Steven Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Monterrosa Savannah East Newark NJ 3.950 BS/MS-ACCT Sophomore
Montes Abril Jersey City NJ 3.712 BS-PHYAPPH Freshman
Montgomery Aaliyah Englewood NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Moore Fiona Old Bridge NJ 3.940 BA-POLSCGN Junior
Moore Karla Bayonne NJ 3.600 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Morales Auria Dover NJ 4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Junior
Morales Keren Elizabeth NJ 3.650 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Morales Ryan Union City NJ 3.733 BA-MEDIART Senior
Morales Zulisha Teaneck NJ 4.000 BA-ARTARTH Sophomore
Morales Rivera Christian Bayonne NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Moran Shabely Elizabeth NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Moran Briones Jessica Jersey City NJ 3.833 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Moranchel Diana West New York NJ 3.925 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Morel Chiara Secaucus NJ 3.944 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Morel Kailee Secaucus NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLCW Junior
Moreno Valeria Union City NJ 3.833 BA-SPANISH Senior
Morgan Georgette Bayonne NJ 3.767 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Mori ulloa Shantell Union City NJ 3.888 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Morkos Marlin Bayonne NJ 3.800 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Morkous Veronica Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Moser Francy Secaucus NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Freshman
Mostafa Ebrahim Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ENTRPR Sophomore
Mota gomez Eva Union City NJ 3.500 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Motan Nihal guttenberg NJ 3.517 BS-BIOLMT Sophomore
Munoz Ana Jersey City NJ 3.506 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Munoz Vanesa Woodbridge NJ 3.880 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Nacamuli Neil Glen Gardner NJ 3.600 BFA-ARTDCC Freshman
Naeseth Allen Westfield NJ 3.825 BS/MS-ACCT Junior
Nakhla Monika Jersey City NJ 3.700 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Nassim Merna Bayonne NJ 3.720 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Navas-Quevedo Sebastian Jersey City NJ 3.660 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Ndiaye Elhadji Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Neuberger Malkah Lakewood NJ 3.905 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Ng Sefi Bunawati Leonia NJ 3.857 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Ngo Jenifer Hillside NJ 3.600 BS-FINANCE Junior
Nguyen Khoa Piscataway NJ 3.540 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Niasse Massaer Union City NJ 3.631 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Nickerson Danielle Lincroft NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Nieves Neisha     3.600 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Nolasco Sofia Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Noriega Jasmin North Bergen NJ 3.533 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Noubani Asma Bayonne NJ 3.940 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Novak Kimberly Old Bridge NJ 3.545 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Nunez Kevin Ridgefield NJ 3.925 BS-MARKTG Senior
Nwegbu Prince Jersey City NJ 3.888 BS-HIM Freshman
O'keefe Robert East Windsor NJ 3.675 BS-FIRESCI Junior
Ocana Kaylen North Bergen NJ 3.876 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Ocasio Brianna Jersey City NJ 3.794 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Oconer Jamie Bayonne NJ 3.869 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Ogolikhin Artemii Carlstadt NJ 3.750 BA-ECONOMC Freshman
Okwu Munachiso Jersey City NJ 3.721 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Olea Jazlynn Bayonne NJ 3.554 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Oliver Christopher Jersey City NJ 3.805 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Olorunpomi Omolara Newark NJ 3.869 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Onisarotu Muhammed Newark NJ 3.940 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Opara Chinoyerem Carteret NJ 3.538 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Orelien Adjonaih Elizabeth NJ 3.813 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Origenes Geoffrey Jersey City NJ 3.825 BS-FINANCE Junior
Orlando Giana Bayonne NJ 3.675 BA-MEDIART Junior
Orlikowski Jeffrey Union City NJ 3.925 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Ortega Rojas Johnny West New York NJ 3.617   Senior
Ortez Michelle West New York NJ 3.880 BA-MEDIART Junior
Ortiz Analisse Monroe Twp NJ 3.880 BA-POLSCGN Senior
Ortiz Anastasia Guttenberg NJ 3.850 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Ortiz Francheska Ridgefield Pk NJ 3.925 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Ortiz Mirka Union City NJ 3.950 BS-BIOCHEM Senior
Ortiz Monica Secaucus NJ 3.600 BSW-SOCWRK Junior
Ortiz Sebastian Willingboro NJ 3.677 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Ortiz Tiffany Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Osborne Doyan East Orange NJ 3.750 BS-HLTHPHE Senior
Osbourne-Willis Kiara JERSEY CITY NJ 3.500 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Osman Laura Midland Park NJ 3.800 BS/MS-ACCT Sophomore
Osorio Devanee Rahway NJ 3.577 BFA-ARCDGD Freshman
Ospina Brayan Elizabethport NJ 3.740 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Ostorva Abigail Bayonne NJ 3.660 BFA-ARCDGD Junior
Oudhnarine Haresh Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MANGMT Senior
Oviedo Cespedes Andreina Perth Amboy NJ 3.608 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Oyedeji Debra Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Sophomore
Oyetunde Motolani Long Valley NJ 3.864 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Ozkaya Kudret Clifton NJ 3.813 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Pachas Nadia Union City NJ 4.000 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Padilla Jesenia Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Padilla Kiara Clifton NJ 3.940 BS-SPMGMT Junior
Pagan Dimarie Jersey City NJ 3.675 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Pagan Sara Jersey City NJ 3.680 BS-MARKTG Junior
Palacios Kenia Bayonne NJ 3.825 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Palaguachi Jennifer North Bergen NJ 3.931 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Pallitto Christina Bayonne NJ 3.712 BS-MANGMT Junior
Palma Martha Belleville NJ 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Pan Weiling Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Paneque Marla Clifton NJ 3.680 BS-MANGMT Junior
Pangilinan Kyle Jersey City NJ 3.540 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Pantaleon Michael Bayonne NJ 3.925 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Papelow Miriam Lakewood NJ 3.833 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Paras Anjali Piscataway NJ 3.955 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Paredes Emely Paterson NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Paredes Gabriel Guttenberg NJ 3.700 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Pareja Melina Bayonne NJ 3.600 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
PARK SOYOUNG     4.000 BA-ART Freshman
Parra Chelsea Wood Ridge NJ 3.675 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Patel Dinaxi Jersey City NJ 4.000 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Patel Nishit Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Patel Parth Rahway NJ 3.860 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Patel Yashvi Howell NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Senior
Patino Nicolas Jersey City NJ 3.717 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Patton Gina Bayonne NJ 3.836 BA-ARTGAD Senior
Patulot David Carteret NJ 4.000 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Payamps Vianny Bayonne NJ 3.860 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Payano-Estrella Nicole Jersey City NJ 3.575 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Payumo Joaquin Miguel Secaucus NJ 3.500 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Pelle Emily Lyndhurst NJ 3.660 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Pena-Dilone Angelo Jersey City NJ 3.638 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Pepe Dominic Bayonne NJ 3.600 BS-SPMGMT Senior
Pepe Mia Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Pepino Farrah Alyssa Jersey City NJ 3.876 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Pepino Fatima Aishalyn Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Peralta Steven Clifton NJ 3.515 BA-MUSIC Junior
Perez Bryam North Bergen NJ 3.743 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Perez Christopher Bronx NY 3.940 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Perez Daniel Teaneck NJ 3.950 BS-CYBSECU Junior
Perez Jonalee Pennsauken NJ 3.900 BS-MANGMT Junior
Perez Maria Perth Amboy NJ 3.675 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Perez Marilou Jersey City NJ 3.950 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Perez Monica Union City NJ 3.769 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Perez Sean Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-HISTORY Senior
Perez Stephanie Newark NJ 4.000 BA-POLSCGN Senior
Perez Vieta Lourdes North Bergen NJ 3.740 BA-HISTORY Senior
Perlman Thomas Englewood Cliffs NJ 3.814 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Persaud Verishka Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Petrou Marisa Holmdel NJ 3.777 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Phelan James North Arlington NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Junior
Phung Eric Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Pimentel Ruben West New York NJ 3.756 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Pimentel-Vasquez Altagracia Bayonne NJ 3.869 BA-MATHEMT Sophomore
Pinki FNU Manapur Dibai UP 3.620 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Pintado Pablo Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Platonov Alexandru Jersey City NJ 3.894 BS-FINANCE Senior
Polanco Lisbeth Newark NJ 3.500 BS-MANGMT Senior
Polanco Corporan Yoxandry Guttenberg NJ 4.000 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Popek Alexandra Hazlet Township NJ 3.600 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Popow Andrew North Brunswick NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Portillo Cindy North Bergen NJ 3.869 BA-MEDIART Junior
Portillo Destiny Union City NJ 3.575 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Poueriet Rorayma Union City NJ 3.667 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Pouna Diane Kansas City MT 3.925 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Prashad Breana Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-MATHEMT Freshman
Price Aida Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-MISDMS Sophomore
Prieto Sheyla North Bergen NJ 3.750 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Prodon Francis Jersey City NJ 3.793 BA-BIOLOGY Senior
Prudon Erica Jane Bayonne NJ 3.825 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Pura-Quilla Jhyda Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARTPHO Sophomore
Puri Nipun Jersey City NJ 3.860 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Qazi Wajeeha Bayonne NJ 3.667 BS-BUSADSC Junior
Quevedo Jorge Jersey City NJ 3.820 BS-CYBSECU Sophomore
Quijano Valerie North Bergen NJ 3.631 BA-MATHEMT Sophomore
Quinones Jason West New York NJ 3.677 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Quintela Elizabeth Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Quispe Melina Belleville NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Quitiquit Jeremy Secaucus NJ 4.000 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Quito Ane Parlin NJ 3.825 BS-GLOBUSI Freshman
Quito Diego Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Rahman Quazi Jersey City NJ 3.936 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Raimondo Meagan Fords NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Rainey Kelly South Amboy NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Raj Rani jersey city NJ 3.680 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Ralph-Mbah Chidinma Newark NJ 3.694 BS-BIOCHEM Freshman
Ralph-Mbah Kelechi Newark NJ 3.794 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Ramirez Andres Bayonne NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Junior
Ramirez Jorbenis Hopelawn NJ 3.675 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Ramirez Leslie Jersey City NJ 3.623 BFA-ARFAPD Freshman
Ramirez Yulian Roselle NJ 3.667 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Ramos Maria Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Ramos Renee Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Senior
Rampersaud Bryan Jersey City NJ 3.540 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Rampersaud Ryan Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Rasool Anessa Jersey City NJ 3.600 BS-BUSADSC Sophomore
Rattipal Ravena Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Reale Jamie Englishtown NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Recinos Perez Flabia Piscataway NJ 3.925 BA-BIOLOGY Freshman
Redd Kalel Somerset NJ 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Reese Jasmine Jersey City NJ 3.620 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Regalado Ramon Jersey City NJ 3.800 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Reid Alyson Boston MA 3.675 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Rench Radha Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLCW Freshman
Reyes Alba Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Reyes Brandon Jersey City NJ 3.775 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Reyes Elson Jersey City NJ 3.660 BFA-ARTPHO Sophomore
Reyes Itzel Jersey City NJ 3.925 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Reyes Jeuz Matawan NJ 3.733 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Reyes Juliette Jersey City NJ 3.680 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Reyes Krystal Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Reynoso Gianpaul Manalapan NJ 3.681 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Reynoso Roger Jersey City NJ 3.675 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Rezk Beshoy Secaucus NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Riaz Sahira Jersey City NJ 3.540 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Richardson Kendreya Jersey City NJ 3.680 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Riera Karen North Bergen NJ 3.700 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Rios Bonilla Alexi Union City NJ 3.500 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Rios Perez Alberto Harrison NJ 3.675 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Rius Nicholas Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Rivas Alicia Jersey City NJ 3.681 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Rivas Luis West New York NJ 3.540 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Rivera Diana Jersey City NJ 3.677 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Rivera Jessica Bayonne NJ 3.600 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Rivera Jessica Jersey City NJ 3.950 BS-MARKTG Senior
Rivera Nicole Staten Island NY 3.600 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Rivero moreno Andreina Newark NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Robinson Alexander Edison NJ 3.675 BA-MUSBUSN Freshman
Robinson Danique Jersey City NJ 3.675 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Robles Brandon Union City NJ 3.613 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Rodriguez Abigail Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Rodriguez Benjamin Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Rodriguez Carolyn Paterson NJ 3.880 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Rodriguez Ixsel Union City NJ 3.813 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Rodriguez Jacob Bayonne NJ 3.500 BS-FINANCE Junior
Rodriguez Jada Bayonne NJ 3.813 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Rodriguez Leonardo Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Rodriguez Luis Union City NJ 3.600 BS-FINANCE Freshman
Rodriguez Luis North Bergen NJ 3.567 BS-MANGMT Senior
rodriguez Rachelli Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-MANGMT Senior
Rodriguez Ricardo Teaneck NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Rodriguez Wendy North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Freshman
Rodriguez Yosmar West New York NJ 3.740 BA-SOCIOL Junior
Rodriguez Yulissa Jersey City NJ 3.660 BA-POLSCGN Junior
Rodriguez Alava Mayra Secaucus NJ 3.800 BS-BIOLMT Junior
Roefaro Peter Cranford NJ 3.741 BM-PERFJZZ Freshman
Rojas Angifer North Bergen NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDIL Sophomore
Rojas Danna West New York NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Roldan Rocio Weehawken NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Junior
Romero Kelly East Orange NJ 3.660   Sophomore
Ros George Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-HLTHPHE Junior
Rosa Belinda Jersey City NJ 3.700 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Rosa Shelly Jersey City NJ 3.825 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Rosace Jonathan Bayonne NJ 3.850 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Rosario Angel Jersey City NJ 3.733 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Rosario George Jersey City NJ 3.520 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Rosario-Perez Odarlyn Bayonne NJ 3.500 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Rosario-Rodriguez Lucas Jersey City NJ 3.563 BA-MEDIART Freshman
Rothkopf Nechama Lakewood NJ 3.905 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Rueda Parziale Savanna Harrison NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Ruilova Sarah Plainfield NJ 3.538 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Ruiz Dayana Union City NJ 3.680 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Russo Brandon Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-FIRESCI Junior
Russo Roy Pine Brook NJ 3.769 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Ryan Patricia Newark NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Sabatino Adrian Middletown NJ 3.880 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Sabaya Grace Jersey City NJ 3.738 BS-EXCSCI Junior
Sabori Saine South Hackensack NJ 3.715 BS-MISDMS Sophomore
Sace Joseph Gabriel Morristown NJ 4.000 BA-MUSBUSN Sophomore
Sadek Mark Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Sadeu Bassimo Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-NATSEC Senior
Saha Topu Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Salazar-Velez Karla Kearny NJ 3.554 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Saleb Rasha Jersey City NJ 3.623 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Salih Hummam Jersey City NJ 3.800 BS-BUSADSC Sophomore
Salinas Justine Kearny NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Salinas Rachel North Bergen NJ 4.000 BA-POLSCGN Freshman
Sallal Maya Jersey City NJ 3.944 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Salomon Camila Jersey City NJ 3.540 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Same Eva Bayonne NJ 3.575 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Sammarone Gabrielle Lyndhurst NJ 3.952 BM-PERFCLV Junior
Sanabria-Caballero Lissel Newark NJ 3.767 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Sanchez Angel Perth Amboy NJ 3.925 BS-CYBSECU Sophomore
Sanchez Bryan Passaic NJ 3.871 BS-CHEMIST Sophomore
Sanchez Isabella Hoboken NJ 4.000 BA-MUSBUSN Junior
Sanchez Julian Union City NJ 3.860 BS-FINANCE Senior
Sanchez Leidy Lyndhurst NJ 3.650 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Sanchez Maria Union City NJ 3.740 BS-CRMJUST Freshman
Sanchez Maria West New York NJ 3.850 BS-MARKTG Senior
Sanchez Natalee North Bergen NJ 3.850 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Sanchez Nicole Jersey City NJ 3.680 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Sanchez Olivia Guttenberg NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Sanchez Thais Ocean NJ 3.905 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Sanchez Bueno Brittney West New York NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Freshman
Sanchez-Maldonado Sara Summit NJ 3.529 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Sanghera Navdeep Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Santana Meryl Hoboken NJ 3.925 BS-HIM Freshman
Santana Sabrina Bayonne NJ 3.625 BA-ENGLLIT Sophomore
Santana Susan East Brunswick NJ 3.536 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Santiago Kaileen Megan East Windsor NJ 3.782 BA-MUSIC Senior
Santos Marlene South River NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Santos Xavier Jersey City NJ 3.675 BA-MEDIART Senior
Santos Yuliana Paterson NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Freshman
SARI RIKI MALA     4.000 BS-GLOBUSI Freshman
Sarker Promi Jersey City NJ 3.600 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Sbateen Nuha North Bergen NJ 3.679 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Scamarone Katherine Passaic NJ 3.600 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Scheer Melanie Asbury Park NJ 3.695 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Schwanse Nicholas Weehawken NJ 3.525 BA-HISTORY Senior
Schwarz Madison Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Scios Samantha Hoboken NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Scism Victoria Jersey City NJ 3.850 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Scott Jayleah Rahway NJ 3.800 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Scott Mesele Erial NJ 3.533 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Seecharan Gillianna Jersey City NJ 3.740 BA-WMNGNDR Sophomore
Seecharan Katelyn Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-SCLMMKT Senior
Segovia Cristian Union City NJ 3.550 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Sellino James Freehold NJ 3.500 BS-FIRESCI Sophomore
Sene Papa amadou West New York NJ 3.950 BS-SCLMPM Sophomore
Serkin Elle Bayonne NJ 3.660 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Serrano Bella Belmar NJ 3.671 BS-SPMGMT Freshman
Serrato Jazmin Union City NJ 3.650 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Shakoor Bakir Jersey City NJ 3.925 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Sharma Arti Hillsborough NJ 3.629 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Shedeed Safiyah Jersey City NJ 3.833 BA-POLSCGN Senior
Sheppard-Vaughn Danette Jersey City NJ 3.778 BA-MUSMSTH Senior
Shetat Jody Jersey City NJ 3.571 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Shievdayal Brandon Jersey City NJ 3.694 BA-PHYAPPH Freshman
Shokry Ereny Bayonne NJ 3.680 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Shuaib Faria Jersey City NJ 3.813 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Sierra Michael Guttenberg NJ 4.000 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Signoretta Kristina Bayonne NJ 3.895 BS-MANGMT Senior
Sikorska Edyta Jersey City NJ 3.860 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Silva Cherres Karla South Plainfield NJ 3.525 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Simbulan Beatriz Jersey City NJ 3.657 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Simon Alyssa Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Simon Anjanette Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-EXCSCI Junior
Sinche Emily West New York NJ 3.940 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Singh Bradley Jersey City NJ 3.608 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Singh Nisha Carteret NJ 3.925 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Sisk Jake Piscataway NJ 3.680 BS-SPMGMT Sophomore
Sloginski Lil Clifton NJ 3.680 BFA-ARTPHO Sophomore
Smith Albert Lindenwold NJ 3.638 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Smith Ashley Manalapan NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Smith Derick Jersey City NJ 3.850 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Smith Jada Jersey City NJ 3.575 BA-MEDIART Senior
Snead Khia Union NJ 3.925 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Soeira Carolina Harrison NJ 3.775 BS-GLOBUSI Sophomore
Solares Gabriel Kendall Park NJ 3.540 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Solis Romero Nelson Neptune City NJ 3.838 BFA-ARFAPD Sophomore
Sorial Yuliana Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Soriano Leslie Jersey City NJ 3.500 BS-HSPMGT Junior
Sorto Gercy Roselle NJ 3.823 BS-BUSACFN Senior
Sottiriou Nicole South Plainfield NJ 3.545 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Sousa Michael Harrison NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Souza Yssamo Newark NJ 3.740 BA-POLSCGN Junior
Sow Habibatou Jersey City NJ 3.550 BA-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Spence Kadra Edison NJ 3.720 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Spiegel Zachary Cedar Grove NJ 3.720 BS-FIRESCI Junior
Spring Donald Morganville NJ 3.575 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Spyrydon Solomiia Lakewood NJ 3.740 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Squitieri Vincent Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Sta. Rosa Emilio Scotch Plains NJ 3.641 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Stawicki Joseph Kearny NJ 3.925 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Stoker Evan Clinton NJ 4.000 BS-EXCSCI Freshman
Stranahan Jordyn Jacksonville FL 3.623 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Streete Amani East Orange NJ 3.513 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Stroughn Kayla Monroe Township NJ 3.660 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Suarez Maria Piscataway NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Suga-Morales Valerie Jersey City NJ 3.675 BS-HSPMGT Sophomore
Sullivan Tara Howell NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Swisa Veolla Bayonne NJ 3.740 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Syphrett Brandon Bayonne NJ 3.880 BA-POLSCGN Senior
Takawy Marlina Bayonne NJ 3.767 BS-NATSEC Junior
Talusani Rishmitha Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Tang Mickey Jersey City NJ 3.627 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Tannucilli Paul Matawan NJ 3.750 BA-MEDIART Senior
Tapia Erika Union City NJ 3.675 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Tarantino David Union City NJ 3.700 BA-MUSBUSN Junior
Taras Michelle Newark NJ 3.515 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Tarcan Sibel Fair Lawn NJ 3.900 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Tavarez Izabella North Bergen NJ 3.869 BA-SOCIOL Freshman
Tavarez Nadia Jersey City NJ 3.569 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Teets Jennifer New Milford NJ 4.000 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Teixeira Emily Kearny NJ 3.740 BA-ENGLCW Sophomore
Tellado Crystalin North Bergen NJ 3.838 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Temenski Joseph South Plainfield NJ 3.620 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Teynie Nicolas Jersey City NJ 3.957 BS-MANGMT Junior
Themen Andrea Bayonne NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Theodorou Thomas Bayonne NJ 3.800 BS-MANGMT Senior
Thomas Zahria Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-CRMJUST Junior
Thompson-Vick Aaliyah Irvington NJ 3.825 BS-HLTHPHE Freshman
Timones Tatiana Union City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Tineo Yadeline Union City NJ 3.925 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Tinoco Katherine Jersey City NJ 3.583 BA-GEOENSC Senior
Tirona Gianna Jersey City NJ 3.835 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Tobias Maryfrance Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Sophomore
Todd Benjamin Franklin Lakes NJ 3.677 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Toledo Carmen Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Torres Christopher Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Torres Elizabeth Bayonne NJ 3.833 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Torres Emily Jersey City NJ 3.940 BA-HISTORY Sophomore
Torres Julian Jersey City NJ 3.750 BS-SPMGMT Freshman
Torres Lenayah North Bergen NJ 3.760 BA-MEDIART Junior
Torres Lucero Kenilworth NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Torres Zane Jersey City NJ 3.769 BS-BIOLOGY Senior
Trachsler Anna Carteret NJ 3.506 BA-HISTORY Freshman
Treich Adrianna Raritan NJ 3.800 BS-MISDMS Freshman
Trevino Araceli North Bergen NJ 3.540 BSW-SOCWRK Freshman
Trim Daynyeal Irvington NJ 3.681 BS-COMPSCI Junior
Trinidad Victor Kearny NJ 3.825 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Trumpet Vancy Bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Tsamos Nicolette Tuckerton NJ 3.600 BFA-ARDCJM Freshman
Tudela Melissa Union City NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Senior
Ulanov Semen Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-CYBSECU Freshman
Ulloa Deisy Jersey City NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Umunnakwe Ihechineme Jersey City NJ 3.756 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Uraga Adan Bayonne NJ 3.925 BS-MARKTG Senior
Uraga Melanie Bayonne NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Urbina Fabiana North Arlington NJ 3.940 BA-ARTARTH Sophomore
Urias Yesenia Orange NJ 3.940 BS-GLOBUSI Sophomore
Valentin Adriana Union City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Valentin Erick Piscataway NJ 3.831 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Valica David Union City NJ 3.888 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Van sickell William Leonia NJ 3.600 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Vanegas-Greczylo Stefania Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLLIT Junior
Vargas Laura Toms River NJ 3.860 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Vargas Maximo montevideo   3.858 BA-ECONOMC Sophomore
Vasquez Abraham Jersey City NJ 3.675 BFA-ARTPHO Senior
Vasquez Destiny North Bergen NJ 3.740 BFA-ARCDIL Junior
Vasquez Rosa Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-FINANCE Senior
Vasquez-Machuca Ana Asbury Park NJ 3.675 BFA-ARCDGD Sophomore
Vazquez Adriana Lyndhurst NJ 4.000 BS-BIOLOGY Junior
Vazquez Madison Fair Lawn NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Vazquez Selena Union City NJ 3.824 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Vazquez Virginia Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Vazquez Perez Yoandra West New York NJ 4.000 BA-SPANISH Sophomore
Veerasammy Junior Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Vega Daniel Perth Amboy NJ 3.675 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Velasco Alexander Roselle NJ 3.517 BA-MUSBUSN Junior
Velasco Kelly Union City NJ 3.940 BA-SPANISH Freshman
Velasquez Edwin Union City NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Velasquez Jessica West New York NJ 3.700 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Velasquez Mirka Clifton NJ 3.813 BA-MUSBUSN Senior
Velez Aileen North Bergen NJ 3.608 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Velez Leonela UNION CITY NJ 3.525 BA-ENGLLIT Freshman
Velez Sueling Elizabethport NJ 3.940 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Ventura Leslie North Bergen NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Freshman
Ventura Olivia Secaucus NJ 3.667 BA-MUSMSTH Senior
Ventura Rafael Bay Shore NY 3.623 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Vera Mayra Secaucus NJ 4.000 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Vereen-Nealous Bruce Jersey City NJ 4.000 BA-ENGLCW Junior
Vergara Merlee Jersey City NJ 3.925 BFA-ARCDIL Senior
Vernon Stacy-Ann Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Verzosa Alisa South Amboy NJ 3.750 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Vidal Kimberly Bayonne NJ 3.857 BA-PSYCHO Sophomore
Vidals Eduardo Paterson NJ 4.000 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Vilarinho Stephanie Hillside NJ 3.940 BA-SOCIOL Sophomore
Villafane Destiny Bayonne NJ 3.838 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Villanueva Charles east orange NJ 4.000 BS-HSPMGT Freshman
Villanueva Mariah Jersey City NJ 3.740 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Villatoro Angelica Rockaway NJ 3.714 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Villaverde Victoria Piscataway NJ 3.500   Senior
Vinci Anthony Woodland Park NJ 3.683 BA-MEDIART Junior
Viniam Maria Jersey City NJ 3.750 BSN-NURSNG Freshman
Visitacion Joan Jersey City NJ 3.815 BA-MUSBUSN Freshman
Vitale Tyler Bayonne NJ 3.940 BS-FINANCE Sophomore
Vo Kobe Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-ACCTNG Junior
Vogiatzis Alexander Jersey City NJ 3.981 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Vogiatzis George Jersey City NJ 3.944 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Voss Ricky Eatontown NJ 4.000 BS-FINANCE Senior
Vu John Jersey City NJ 3.750 BA-MATHEMT Junior
Vycpalkova Marie     4.000 BS-MANGMT Freshman
Wabst Taisha Jackson NJ 4.000 BSN-NURSNG Sophomore
Wadleigh Kevin North Bergen NJ 3.580 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Wahni Abderrahman Jersey city NJ 3.925 BS-COMPSCI Freshman
Walia Sahil Jersey City NJ 3.608 BS-BIOLOGY Sophomore
Walsh Michael Howell NJ 3.740 BS-NATSEC Freshman
Ward Kayleigh Wall Township NJ 3.641 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Watson Tionna Maple Shade NJ 4.000 BFA-ARCDGD Junior
Weiss Jaime Freehold NJ 3.908 BSN-NONACC Freshman
Weiss Lindsay Kearny NJ 3.850 BS-FIRESCI Sophomore
Whelan Deborah Manasquan NJ 3.864 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
White Jada Maplewood NJ 3.533 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
White Milton Jersey City NJ 3.880 BS-COMPSCI Sophomore
Whittaker Kayla Sayreville NJ 3.500 BS-MARKTG Junior
Wiley Kariyana Neptune NJ 3.750 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Williams Alexandra Jersey City NJ 3.700 BA-ENGLLIT Senior
Williams Essence Jersey City NJ 3.769 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Williams Scott Jersey City NJ 3.900 BS-ACCTNG Senior
Williams Yemaya South Orange NJ 3.860 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Willis Myron Jersey City NJ 3.667 BS-CYBSECU Junior
Willmore Katherine Bayonne NJ 3.731 BFA-ARCDGD Senior
Wilson James Atlantic Highlands NJ 4.000 BS-CRMJUST Sophomore
Wilson Skyla Jersey City NJ 3.525 BA-PSYCHTR Sophomore
Wislock Drew Kendall Park NJ 3.860 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Withy Patrice White Hse Sta NJ 4.000 BS/MS-ACCT Sophomore
Woods Drew Howell NJ 3.771 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Woods Keisha Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MISDMS Sophomore
Wooten Olivia East Orange NJ 3.944 BS-PHYAPPH Freshman
Yahia Merouane Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-SCLMPM Freshman
Yalong Kelan Saddle Brook NJ 3.771 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Yeung Grace Jersey City NJ 3.540 BS-ACCTNG Sophomore
Yon vassallo Renato Harrison NJ 3.775 BA-ARTFAC Sophomore
Young Ayriana Jersey City NJ 3.720 BS-EXCSCI Sophomore
Youssef Seif Bayonne NJ 3.786 BS-BIOLOGY Freshman
Zaccario Armani Bayville NJ 3.500 BS-CRMJUST Senior
Zahid Asum Jersey City NJ 3.554 BA-PSYCHTR Senior
Zambon Douglas Asbury Park NJ 3.736 BSN-ACNURS Sophomore
Zapata Christian Jersey City NJ 3.513 BS-COMPSCI Senior
Zaragoza Krystal Bayonne NJ 3.944 BA-PSYCHTR Freshman
Zarzuela-Dizon Russell Jersey City NJ 3.940 BS-NATSEC Sophomore
Zeppetelli Kayla Little Ferry NJ 3.782 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Zheng Michell Jersey City NJ 3.800 BA-PSYCHTR Junior
Zierer Josef Emerson NJ 3.563 BS-FIRESCI Freshman
Ziman Qazi Bayonne NJ 3.600 BS-ACCTNG Freshman
Zoair Mariam Jersey City NJ 3.944 BA-BIOLOGY Junior
Zorzan Giada Jersey City NJ 3.667 BS-MANGMT Sophomore
Zorzan Sara Jersey City NJ 4.000 BS-MARKTG Freshman