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New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey Alternate Route Program

The NJCU New Pathways Alternate Route program is a unique online program for people with a bachelor's degree to become a certified teacher in New Jersey.

Why New Pathways?

Flexibility. Choose from three online program options:

  • Low-cost non-credit course options
  • Graduate credit courses
  • Integrated Masters Degree with certification

Personalized Assistance. We are experts on teacher licensing. We provide advice and help for navigating the New Jersey Department of Education regulations and strong faculty support. When you contact us, you get a real person with timely answers.

High-Quality Coursework. Our nationally accredited program includes rigorous, practical courses that thoroughly prepare candidates for teaching.

CAEP Accredited Shield

Statewide Reach. New Pathways to Teaching is a 17-year partnership between New Jersey City University and many of the New Jersey Community Colleges. All courses are completely online so the program can be completed anywhere in the state.

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