Professional Security Studies D.Sc. Testimonials

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Professional Security Studies D.Sc. Testimonials

Joe Chimento

Dr. Joe Chimento, DoD FSO, CISA, CISM

DoD Information Security Subject Matter Expert

Zimmerman Consulting Group

Dr. Chimento is an Information Security Subject Matter Expert working for Zimmerman Consulting Group, a small military defense contractor located in Leavenworth, Kansas where he holds an active DoD Top Secret Clearance. His area of expertise is designing, accrediting and securing classified laboratory environments. 

Dr. Chimento, who has more than 35 years of experience in classified environments, decided to pursue his Doctor of Science Degree in Civil Security Leadership, Management and Policy from NJCU because the “DSc program at NJCU was a unique opportunity to explore applied theory research techniques with the flexibility to make this journey my own through the mentorship of an amazingly talented and dedicated team of scholars.”   According to Dr. Chimento, the learning communities in the DSc program were “an assembly of experts from diverse disciplines providing an unparalleled knowledge base of talent.”

Edafese (George) Alakpa

Edafese (George) Alakpa, PhD, DSc, FIBMS, CSci

Director and Advisor on Military Affairs and Policy

American Military Families Immigration Service

Dr. Edafese (George) Alakpa grew up under a military dictatorship in Nigeria. His passion is the pursuit of education, global security and freedom for all -- and especially for the less privileged -- via science, research and advocacy. When Dr. Alakpa entered NJCU's doctoral program in Civil Security Leadership, Management and Policy, he had two challenges. One was adjusting to the impact of combat on his psyche and body post service in the United States Army. The second was "entering a unique program that was still being developed by highly dedicated academics and professionals in the field." Dr. Alakpa was particularly interested in the doctoral program because it matched his goals and he realized "the program extended past the professors and to fellow doctoral candidates in my Learning Community. We shared a desire to succeed in our studies and to advance our field."

Dr. Alakpa focused his doctoral dissertation on bioterrorism. His research was timely and innovative, which resulted in consulting with the FBI at the peak of the Ebola incident in the United States. After earning his DSc, Dr. Alakpa has served as a faculty member at multiple universities and mentors over 20 graduates and post-graduate students globally.

The DSc program propelled Dr. Alakpa's career because, in his words, "The NJCU doctoral program gave me better analytical and critical analysis capabilities and improved my ability to assess issues or situations related to national security and the role of civil citizens in achieving the best possible overall state of national security."

Currently, Dr. Alakpa is the Director and Advisor for Military Affairs with the American Military Families Immigration Services, Inc. He is a retired United States Army combat veteran, a board member of Hamburg City Board of Health, and Board of Land Uses and Planning. Dr. Alakpa has received numerous academic and military awards throughout his career.

Dr. Alakpa's advice to perspective doctoral students is to "be ready and willing to do the tough work required from any doctoral student. Doctorial programs require tenacity and -- most importantly -- the strong desire to accomplish the mission of producing an authentic contribution to knowledge, with integrity and honesty."

Dr. Lynn P. Costantini

Dr. Lynn P. Costantini

Deputy Director, Center for Partnership and Innovation

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

Dr. Costantini, an information technology professional with more than 30 years of experience in the electric utility sector, decided to pursue her doctorate at NJCU because the "DSc program offers the depth, breath and vision" she viewed as necessary to achieving her career goals.

"I was particularly drawn to the program's scholar-practitioner focus, which clearly demonstrates the University's appreciation for the value of field experience, as well as its commitment to the practical application of academic training," she said. "This is critical to ensuring that future practitioners are not constrained by traditional thinking. Instead, that they are capable of synthesizing information and formulating new strategies, tactics, and methods necessary to address security challenges of tomorrow."

Currently Deputy Director of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' Center for Partnership and Innovation, Dr. Costantinihas held executive level positions including Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), where she helped launch the Electricity Sector ISAC.

As a subject matter expert on cyber security, Dr. Costantini has written federal and state regulations that are intended to protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks and has testified before Congress regarding electric utilities' cyber disaster preparedness. While at NERC, she helped write the first two versions of the CIP standards. As the cyber security specialist at the NJ Board of Public Utilities, she focused on building and sustaining effective partnerships with government and private sector stakeholders to foster cyber security information sharing; to identify and mitigate cross-sector cyber dependencies; and, to spur innovative solutions to persistent security problems.

In addition to her doctorate, Dr. Costantini holds an MBA from Rider University, and a BA in Economics from Seton Hall University. Her doctoral research focused on ways to improve partnership outcomes between government and private sectors in critical infrastructure industries, a topic that informed her post-degree career path. Current research interests focus on the underrepresentation of women in the cyber workforce. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential holder since 2008, Dr. Costantini is also an ISC2-certified instructor.

Dr. Sobiesky Velasquez

Dr. Sobiesky Velasquez

Senior Director, Global Security Systems

NBC Universal

Dr. Velasquez has "always been interested in discovering the science behind decision-making and how leadership styles impact outcomes; particularly as it relates to decisions in the security field."

According to Dr. Velasquez, this is why he was interested in NJCU's doctoral program in Civil Security Leadership, Management, and Policy. "NJCU doctoral candidates have the opportunity to work with an amazing group of professionals and gain the perspectives of a cohort of doctoral students who have a wealth of knowledge from diverse backgrounds. This aspect of the program significantly adds to the learning experience."

Over the course of his career Dr. Velasquez has focused on Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Corporate Security. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the Long Island Business Institute where he instructed Security Technology, Personnel and Physical Property Security Management and Emergency Management.

He managed Crisis Management Center operations for the Office of Global Security at Goldman Sachs where his activities included focusing on the dynamic application of project management, risk management, crisis management, communications, investigations, policies and procedures implementation, and security technology. He has provided the organization with knowledge of industry standards and best practices while solving unique issues and maintaining the security of critical information. Currently, Dr. Velasquez is the Senior Director of Global Security Systems at NBC Universal where he is responsible for the creation, implementation, strategy, and management of the company's global physical security systems.

Dr. Velasquez has used the research skills and problem-solving abilities gained while in the doctoral program at NJCU to effectively influence and impact his professional career. "Soon after beginning the program I experienced a dramatic improvement in the way I approached problems as well as a positive change in the way I engaged in finding solutions. I am much better able to access and develop ideas as well as leverage technology to deliver greater business value and outcomes."