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Faculty / Staff


Robert Aslanian

Chair, Associate Professor

Hanae Haouari

Assistant Professor

Aylen B. Wargniez

Laboratory Manager, Adjunct Faculty and Chemical Hygiene Officer

Kenneth Yamaguchi


Bumjung Kim (James)

Assistant Professor

Yufeng Wei

Assistant Professor



NJCU Chemistry laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for chemical analysis necessary for students' technical skill building and training.

  • IR
    Thermo Scientific Nicolet 380 FT-IR
    Shimadzu 8700 FT-IR

  • UV- Visible
    Vernier (12 instrument)
    Shimadzu PharmaSpec UV-1700
    Ocean Optics 2000 (3 instruments)

  • Fluorescence
    Perkin Elmer LS-55

  • GC
    Agilent 6850 (TCD detector)
    Shimadzu GC-2014

  • GC-MS
    Shimadzu GC-MS QP2010
    Hewlett Packard 5890

  • Ion Chromatography
    Metrohm-Peak 761 with auto sampling

  • HPLC
    Waters 490 with computer programming
    Shimadzu LC-10Ai pumps and FRC-10A fraction collector

  • LC-MS
    Shimadzu LC-MS 2010 with diode array detection

  • Capillary electrophoresis
    Hewlett Packard 3D CE

  • Flash chromatography
    Isco CombiFlash Companion (with UV detection)

  • NMR
    Hitachi R-1200 (60 MHz)
    Varian Gemini (300 MHz)
    Varian 400 MHz with Oxford magnet

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    Shimadzu AA-6650 (flame and graphite furnace)

  • Raman System
    Argon ion laser/Charge couple detector/Spectrometer

  • Bomb Calorimeter
    Parr Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

  • OMNI-Lab Vacuum Atmospheres
    Glove Box

  • Thermo Scientific Nicolet

  • 380 FT-IR

  • Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratories and Research

  • Bio-Rad MicroPulser Electroporator

  • Bio-Rad MJ Mini PCR

  • Branson Digital Sonifier

  • Spectroline Bi-O-Vision UV/ White light transilluminator

  • Lab-line Orbital Shaker

  • Isotemp Basic Ultralow Freezer