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Arts and Sciences Departments

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African and African-American

The African and African-American studies program is an interdisciplinary one. It is a comprehensive examination of the diversity of the experiences of people of Africa and the Africans diasporas.

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Now more than ever, creative people with new ideas and new approaches to problem-solving are in high demand.

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New Jersey City University’s Biology Department is an inclusive community of scholars committed to academic excellence in the teaching, learning and investigation of the life sciences.

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Chemistry is a fundamental part of life. Everything around us is made from chemical compounds, and an understanding of chemistry is a foundation for understanding how our world works.

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Computer Science

New Jersey City University’s Computer Science Department prepares students to do more than keep pace with the speed of technological advancement.

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Earth & Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary education that leverages our urban surroundings to emphasize issues unique to this setting.

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Whether you are planning to enter the workforce after graduation or continue your education, English prepares you for personal and professional success, with opportunities that are numerous and diverse.

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Ethnic and Immigration Studies

This multidisciplinary minor, housed in the Sociology and Anthropology department, is organized around the theme of pluralism and ethnic diversity in American life and culture.

The Caryatid porch of the Erechtheion in Athens, Greece.

History, Philosophy & Religion

NJCU’s History, Philosophy and Religion Department provides a rich curriculum in the Humanities that shapes students into strong critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, clear communicators, and informed citizens.

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International Studies

The program prepares students to explore and understand the interconnections among people and societies, the environment, governments, and businesses.

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Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies

The Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies Program at New Jersey City University addresses the need in our pluralistic society to broaden one's knowledge about Latin America, the Caribbean, and North Americans of Latin American and Caribbean ancestry. 

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The Mathematics Department at NJCU prepares students for careers in a modern, complex society that has become increasingly dependent on mathematics. 

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Media Arts

The NJCU Media Arts Department offers a four-year BA degree in Media Arts, a Cinema Studies Minor, a Production Minor, and a two-year MFA in Integrated Media Arts Production. 

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Music, Dance and Theatre

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The NJCU Physics Department offers a comprehensive education that links theoretical concepts and hands-on activities to real-world applications.

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Political Science

A degree in political science opens doors to a wealth of opportunities.

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The Pre-Law Minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students develop essential skills for the study and practice of law. 



NJCU’s Psychology Department prepares students for numerous and varied career options.

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Students in the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Department are curious about human behavior, particularly in the context of present and past societies.

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Women's and Gender Studies

As an interdisciplinary field, Women’s and Gender Studies trains students to use various research tools and theoretical approaches to problem-solving.

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World Languages and Cultures

The World Languages and Cultures Department educates students who are prepared for success in today’s global society. Our department enhances the liberal arts education of our majors and non-majors through the study of world languages and cultures.