Middlesex College Dual Admissions

About NJCU at Middlesex

In partnership with Middlesex College, NJCU offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that can be completed online, at our main campus in Jersey City, and at our Fort Monmouth location in Monmouth County. Our B.S. Degree in National Security Studies can even be completed right on Middlesex College’s campus!

Benefits of Dual Admission

  • Easy Admission: Students who follow our seamless transfer maps and complete all requirements at MC are guaranteed admission to NJCU. Plus, you won’t need an additional application to begin taking NJCU courses.
  • Seamless Credit Transfer: You’ll get credit for all your general education requirements taken at MC.
  • Value: Since both MC and NJCU are committed to affordability, you’ll find that the low tuition at both schools and NJCU’s competitive merit scholarships add up to the most affordable bachelor’s degree you can earn in central New Jersey.
  • Individualized Attention: Whether in or out of the classroom, MC and NJCU are both committed to giving you the support you need at every step.
  • In-Demand Degrees: We offer bachelor’s programs in growing fields.
  • Future Growth: Once you earn your bachelor’s degree, NJCU also offers 30+ master’s degree programs to further increase your marketability.

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Dual Programs at Middlesex College


B.A/M.A.T. Teacher Education Triple Certification Program

Learn More About the Teacher Education Triple Certification Program at Middlesex

B.S. in National Security Studies

Learn More About National Security Studies at Middlesex

Middlesex Fall 2022 Classes

323 Risk Management 2582 M 11:15 13:50 MIDCC1 CB221
215 Behavioral Analysis/Profiling 2562 M 16:30 19:10 MIDCC1 CB221
310 Forensic Investigations 2576 M 19:10 21:50 MIDCC1 CB221
151 Security Systems & Design 2551 T 8:30 11:10 MIDCC1 CB130A
1305 Spec Top: Intel Analy&Nat Secu 2545 T 11:50 13:50 MIDCC1 CB130A
222 Computer Security I 2566 T 19:15 21:55 MIDCC1 CB221
321 Sem on National Security 2577 W 8:30 11:10 MIDCC1 CB130A
398 Research Methods in PSS 2589 W 11:15 13:50 MIDCC1 CB221
415 Intrusion Detection&Prevention 2593 W 16:30 19:10 MIDCC1 CB221
221 Contemp International Security 2859 R 8:30 11:10 MIDCC1 CB130A