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National Security Studies at NJCU at Middlesex College

Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in National Security Studies from NJCU at Middlesex College 

Are you looking to complete your bachelor’s degree close to home? The New Jersey City University (NJCU) - Middlesex College Dual Admissions Program may be the perfect solution! Our unique partnership offers you a seamless way to earn two degrees in four years—your associate’s degree in a variety of majors from Middlesex, and your bachelor’s degree in National Security Studies from NJCU! 

The NJCU-Middlesex Dual Admissions Program can help you reach your educational and career goals by offering opportunities that few universities can match: 

  • Convenient Location - Take all of your classes for both degrees at the Middlesex College campus. You can even continue on to complete your master’s degree in National Security Studies from NJCU at Middlesex! 
  • Exceptional Value – This dual program offers you a pathway to a very affordable education. NJCU is among the most affordable four-year universities in New Jersey, with one of the most generous transfer scholarship programs. 
  • Individualized Attention - Our small class sizes led by expert professors means you will receive the support you need to excel. 
  • Career Opportunities – The field of National Security is growing. Join the ranks of NJCU’s successful graduates working in many areas including National Security, Intelligence, Corporate Security, Cyber Security, Law Enforcement, and more.

Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies



Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies at Middlesex College

Overall Degree Requirements: You need to earn 120 credits in total for your Bachelor of Science degree, at least 39 in the major, and may apply for the program any time by clicking on the Dual Admission Application tab on the right of this page, or at the beginning of your final semester at Middlesex College. When you apply you will receive a conditional acceptance, will be eligible to register for NJCU courses, and may apply for the program during your final semester at Middlesex College or at any time using the dual-admit application link on the right. When you apply you will receive a conditional acceptance and will be eligible to register for NJCU courses. When you graduate from Middlesex, you will need to resend a final transcript reflecting your degree, and will be awarded up to a total of 66 transfer credits (according to New Jersey Transfer Law ). You come into the program as a junior and do not have to take any further General Education courses at NJCU.

In the Program Core, the Capstone Project is satisfied by taking SECU 154 Careers in Professional Security Studies.

National Security Agency (NSA): Certificate of Completion for Cyber Defense - a certification program for cyber defense. This certificate is aligned to the new Cyber Defense standards for the National Security Agency. NJCU is designated a National Center of Academic Excellence.


SECU 151 Security Systems & Design 3

SECU 222

Computer Security I


SECU 322

Computer Security II


SECU 422

Computer Security III



Information Security Standard (INFOSEC) is a certification program for information security professionals from the Committee on National Security Systems



SECU 222

Computer Security I


SECU 322

Computer Security II


SECU 422

Computer Security III


SECU 315 Big Data Analysis & Visualization in U.S. National Security 3
SECU 310 Forensic Investigation 3


39 credits required: 27 credits in core courses and 12 credits of electives. Courses are offered in Jersey City, Middlesex, Wall, Paramus and online.
-View/download the requirements: National Security Studies Requirements (PDF)

Middlesex College Homeland Security Transfer Courses
In addition to the 60 credits accepted for transfers, Middlesex students should not retake the highlighted courses with NJCU.  Be sure to advise Dr. Michael Krantz if you have taken any of these courses:


PROGRAM CORE/ REQUIRED CLASSES (take all of these courses and get a C or higher in each)

Intro to Professional Security SECU 150*
Security Systems & Design SECU 151
Research in Professional Security Studies SECU 398
Security Organization & Administration SECU 280
Current Security Problems SECU 220
Computer Security I SECU 222
Seminar in National Security SECU 321
Risk Management SECU 323
Senior Year Capstone: Careers in Professional Security Studies (SECU 154)**

*Intro to Professional Security is the pre-requisite for many PSS courses.
**SECU 145 (Careers) is designed for seniors preparing to enter the job market but is open to any PSS student. 

ELECTIVES - (take at least four of these and get a C or higher in each)

SECU 152 Loss Prevention Techniques

SECU 153 Occupational Safety and Health

SECU 155 Intro to International Security

SECU 210 Introduction to Intelligence

SECU 214 Crime Scene Investigation

SECU 215 Behavioral Analysis & Criminal Profiling

SECU 221 Contemporary International Security

SECU 226 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

SECU 224 Ethics in National Security

SECU 250 Security Communication

SECU 305 Special Topics in Security Studies

SECU 306 U.S. Security Interests in East Asia

SECU 307 Security in Latin America

SECU 309 Intro to Computer & Network Security

SECU 310 Forensic Investigations

SECU 311 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

SECU 315 Big Data in U.S. National Security

SECU 322 Computer Security II

SECU 324 Security Fraud

SECU 326 Public Speaking for Professionals

SECU 330 U.S. Security Interests in the Islamic World

SECU 340 Ethical Hacking I

SECU 345 Computer Forensics I

SECU 350 Intelligence Analysis

SECU 380 Policy Dev. for Security Professionals

SECU 411 Extremist Groups and Security

SECU 415 Intrusion Detection & Prevention

SECU 422 Computer Security III

SECU 430 Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

SECU 460 Security and Privacy of Information and Information Systems

SECU 465 Resource Management in Security

SECU 1305 Special Topics: Intelligence Analysis and National Security

SECU 2305 Special Topics: National Sec. Policy

SECU 3305 Special Topics: Executive Communications for National Security

SECU 4305 Special Topics: Domestic Terrorism

SECU 5305 Special Topics: Extremist Groups

SECU 6305 Special Topics: Critical Thinking

SECU 7305 Special Topics: Security Fraud

View course descriptions in the UNIVERSITY COURSE CATALOG.

National Security Studies – Minor

(18 credits required)

Intro to Professional Security SECU 150*
Computer Security I SECU 222
Seminar in National Security SECU 321
Security Systems & Design SECU 151
Security Org. & Administration SECU 280
Risk Management SECU 323

*Intro to Professional Security is the recommended first course & a pre-requisite for many PSS courses.

You can apply on the Dual Admission Application page or by clicking HERE.* It is critical that you send an official copy of your transcript to NJCU when you apply (this can be done at the Middlesex College Office of the Registrar or through the Middlesex WebAdvisor). Once you complete the application and send your transcripts contact Dr. Michael Krantz at to be put in direct contact with an NJCU Admissions Representative to track your application. You will earn an automatic acceptance if you earned an AS or AA degree at Middlesex. Once accepted contact Michael S. Krantz to begin the registration process.  

*If you are in your last semester at Middlesex College, do not complete the Dual-Admit Application, APPLY HERE.

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The NJCU Professional Security Studies program is one of the few in the country to be designated as a center of academic excellence (CAE) in both cybersecurity and intelligence.

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A National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE DC) as designated by the National Security Agency in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Spring 2024 Room Assignments

January 16, 2024 - May 13, 2024

Course #Course Title CodeDaysStart TimeEnd TimeBuilding/RoomInstructor
2283Introduction to Intelligence210M11:15:0013:45:00CB 220Schwarz, Richard
2285Behavioral Analysis/Profiling215M16:30:0019:10:00CB 124Wiltsey, Michael T
2297Bloodstain Pattern Analysis311M19:30:0022:15:00CB 122Wiltsey, Michael T.
2524Research Methods in PSS398T8:30:0011:10:00ED 152Krantz, Michael S.
2278Careers in PSS154T11:15:0013:45:00ED 152 Krantz, Michael S.
2292Ethics in National Security224W8:30:0011:15:00ED 119Wiltsey, Michael T
2290Computer Security I222W11:15:0013:45:00ED 119Alhayajneh, Abdullah
2471Security Systems & Design151W16:30:0019:10:00CB 203Baradhi, Joseph
2281International Security155R8:30:0011:15:00CB 124Rosen, Jonathan
2294Security Organ & Admin280R11:15:0013:45:00ED 118Williams, Ewart
2300Sem on National Security321R16:30:0019:10:00CB 124Rizzo, Thomas
2303Computer Security III322R19:15:0021:50:00CB 214Pisaniello, Melissa

Summer I 2024 Room Assignments

Course #Course TitleCodeDayStart TimeEnd TimeBuilding/Room
152Loss Prevention8167M/W9:00 AM1:10 PMCB 220

Fall 2024 Room Assignments

Course #Course TitleDayStart TimeEnd TimeBuilding/Room
2305Spec Top: Nat Secu PolicyM8:30:0011:10:00ED 119
 323Risk ManagementM11:15:0013:50:00CB 200
 215Behavioral Analysis/ProfilingM16:30:0019:10:00CB 212
 310Forensic InvestigationsM19:15:0021:55:00CB 214
 151Security Systems & DesignT8:30:0011:10:00CC 123
1305Spec Top: Intel Analy&Nat SecuT11:15:0013:50:00BH 203
 222Computer Security IT16:30:0019:10:00CB 214
221Contemporary International SecurityT19:15:0021:55:00CB 214
 154Careers in PSSW8:30:0011:10:00ED 150
 398Research Methods in PSSW11:15:0013:50:00BH 203
224Ethics in National SecurityW16:30:0019:10:00CB 214
 415Intrusion Detection&PreventionW19:15:0021:55:00CB 214
 321Sem on National SecurityR8:30:0011:10:00ED 110
 322Computer Security IIR11:15:0013:50:00CB 204
 220Current Security ProblemsR16:30:0019:10:00CB 214
150Intro to SecurityR19:15:0021:55:00CB 214


Dr. Michael Krantz, NJCU National Security Studies Coordinator at Middlesex College

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